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Please Help Support the Unreal Battlegrounds

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    Please Help Support the Unreal Battlegrounds

    Greetings, Shadowhaxor here.

    You know, the Host & Admin of the UnrealBattlegrounds site . I am posting this to ask for help. As most of you know, I currently host a public UT2004 Onslaught server, a public UT2004 Death Match Server, a free file distrubtion service and lastly (and more importantly a free public redirect service.

    I currently lease 2 boxes for this service, ramping my monthly costs to 240+ a month, which is a little to high, especially with no help. With the release of Unreal Tournament 2004, I want to increase the memory on both servers to host more game types, however, that will increase my monthly cost even higher.

    However, I devised a plan to cost my costs, and combine both services onto one server, a Dual Xeon Powered server. This would replace the 2.8 P4 & 2.4 Celeron servers that I use now, while cutting a quarter of my price per month.

    I know this is prolly a waste of time, but it’s a shot. I am asking anyone that wishes to help me achieve my goal faster (its going to be put in place, regards of help, just later in the month) allowing me to have the new server in place by the time UT2004 hits store shelves.

    Please email me at or to see how you can help. Of course paypal would be simply awesome, and anything you can donate would help.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

    sorry for using ure thread,but i just wanted to get my 50 posts and get my avatar.