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[OT] : New Speakers

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    [OT] : New Speakers

    Lo all,

    I just installed a new set of Logitech Z-560's (THX), and an Audigy 2. All brand new from E-Bay.

    Just had to post and say how Fekkin' awsome my rig sounds now. I was never much of an audiophile so never bothered to much with sound. Jeez have I been missing out.

    The sound quality is so sweet and the isolation in UT2004 and other EAX games is incredible. The 560's have this M3D setting wich makes stereo sources sound 100 times better, IMO anyway.

    The only problem I got is that the barstuards are loud as hell The Sub shakes the whole house wich isnt so good in a terraced house 400W RMS - Amazing clarity at all volumes.

    Anyway, just wanted to recommend the Audigy 2/z-560 combo - great system. Got the both for a total of £120. Sound this good just doesnt come cheaper than that.


    Audigy 2 s/c are awsome for the price..

    Just to be able to hear your enemy from a mile away, is a big advantage when playing:up:


      Sweet indeed.
      I ordered some Logitech z680s the other week but cancelled cos Amazon were taking a life time, you'd think they were importing them from another solar system.
      I upgraded my puter instead , sticking with my DTT3500 Speakers for a while longer as theyre still great :up:
      And im gonna keep my audigy 1 until a soundcard that encodes DD comes out. :up: