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Question about single player UT2004

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    Question about single player UT2004

    I know that when the full version comes out that you can unlock stuff by playing the single player mode. What do you do in the single player? Is it you with your bots against other bots? Do you play rounds of onslaught (or whatever) to win? I wonder why they didn't just put rewards/unlocks for playing well doing things like multi-kills or killing rampages. Maybe playing for a certain amount of time could unlock things. Is this just to teach newbies how to play or what? I never played 2003 so I haven't seen how this is done.

    Also are the new unlocked skins worth it and why?

    Select Single Player from the Main Menu to enter the Tournament and begin your trip up the Tournament ladders. This is the single player section of Unreal Tournament 2004 and is played solely on your computer, not the Internet.

    On the Profile screen you can create a new character and team, browse existing profiles, continue an in-progress season and check recorded high scores.

    Select CREATE NEW from the Profile Screen to start a new career in the Tournament. Here you'll be able to name your team and team captain, select a difficulty level, choose a symbol to represent your team, and pick the appearance of your character in-game from a wide selection of tough customers.

    Select the HIGH SCORES button to view the top teams that have competed in the Tournament. By selecting LOAD you'll continue where the currently selected profiles team has left off.

    You can get an overview of four different game modes on the Tutorials screen. Here you can choose which orientation movie to view: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, DoubleDomination, and Bombing Run.

    This screen covers your first matches in the tournament. Here you compete through five deathmatches, each increasingly more challenging. The sixth round has you hand pick potential teammates, and the attempt to prove your worth as a team captain by defeating them all. If you're victorious, they'll join you and you move on to the next qualifier.

    You have some control over which map you play for each of these matches. Should you feel that the odds are stacked against you on the default map, select CHANGE ARENA to see if the alternative is an improvement. It'll cost you, and you've only got one new choice, but it can sometimes make the difference between victory and defeat.

    Team Qualification
    Similar to the Qualification screen, here you and your team slug it out across four arenas in team deathmatch. Like with the Qualification ladder, you can change the arena if you wish.

    Team Roster
    Prior to entering an arena in all non-Qualification matches, you can setup your crew. On the Team Roster screen, choose which teammates to bring and what tactics they should employ.

    After completing the Team Qualification matches, it's time to start working your team up the Tournament Ladder. On this screen you can select from four game mode ladders, starting with Double Domination. After two victories within each game mode ladder, the next ladder will become available.

    You may challenge opposing teams of comparable skill on the Ladder screen to matches solely for fun and profit. There are two challenge types, each with their own risks and rewards. Bloodrites allow you to recruit players away from an opposing team (assuming victory of course). Mano-e-Mano allows you to wager cash on who will win a one-on-one deatmatch.

    Team Management
    At any time between matches you can adjust the composition and condition of your team. On the Team Managent screen you can hire and fire teammates as you see fit (and your balance sheet supports). New free agents become available as you work your way up the ladder, so be sure to visit the talent pool from time to time. Select a free agent to see information about them. such as their skill percentages, weapons preferences, and historical details.

    As your team works its way through the Tournament, it is inevitable that some will sustain injuries. If your cash reserves prevented you from tending to their wounds after the match, you can address their health by selecting from the two medical options on the Team Management screen. Select a specific teammate to heal and choose Treat Injuries, or just click on Treat All to take care of all teammates at once.

    On many of the Tournament screens you can select Details to get additional information about your own performance, as well as how your competitors are doing. The Last Match Played tab will show you the stats of both your team and your opponent, how long the match lasted, and what the prize was. The Other Tournament tab will show you the stats of the other contender matches that took place during your match. The last tab, Opponent Teams, shows details about your opponents, including history, roster, and stats. If you want to view your stats outside of Unreal Tournament 2004, select the EXPORT button to create an HTML file with this information.


      Originally posted by hal
      starting with Double Domination


        Originally posted by Powerslave666
        Now they will all learn the ways of domination!


          any vehicles in Single play ?
          can ride ?:bulb:


            I think theres gonna be 2 secret characters in UT2004...

            I read it somewhere around here before


              Originally posted by SealClubber
              I think theres gonna be 2 secret characters in UT2004...

              I read it somewhere around here before
              Abaddon and Ophelia?


                George vs Xan vs Malcolm, who wins?