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[OT] LCD for Gamers (17" and beyond)

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    [OT] LCD for Gamers (17" and beyond)

    I'm starting to look around for a really nice new monitor.

    I'm thinking i want 20" LCD flat display with 16ms response rate and solid specs all around.

    I'm having a hell of a time getting proper specs since there are not many reviews of today's sub-20ms LCDs, nor do most spec pages show response rate.

    Anybody know of good review sites which have reviewed the market?

    Anybody know of some solid models?

    I've heard the 20" Dell is great. I want to browse the universe a big more so that i can do some impulse shopping later in the month.

    LCDs screens are pretty pointless getting if your main priotry is games, due to the high response time


      which is why im talking about 16ms or less.

      the market is in the midst of a major change, so if folks want to just state the obvious... dont.

      hamburger was kind enough to do that already.

      i am talking about new lines of LCDs which are ok for gamers (i.e. 12 and 16ms response rates and nice pitch)


        I'd recommend an Apple Studio Display, 17" (yes, they'll work on a PC), or an NEC.


          You might find these articles at Toms Hardware useful:


            Here's a review...

            Here's the Dell they spoke of, they also have a review of it there somewhere...


              TseTse, Here is a link to a review of some. Not that they meet your requirements, but it does a good job of noting pluses and minuses of the various 'issues'.

              If you find a better review of the latest stuff let us all know, to me it still seems we aren't quite there yet.:sour:


                thanks gang, ive seen most of those and am now reading this