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    Full UT2k4 Maplist WITH DESCRIPTIONS!

    I was perusing the UT2k4 Demo's system files, and look at what I found, hiddden in the .int files:

    NOTE: Only maps that will be making their debut in UT2004 are listed below. For a full list of maps, head over to Digital ******'s thread

    "This scenario is a recreation of the recovery of the Nexus prototype missiles by the NEG military, after they were stolen by the Hellions. NEG forces pinpointed the location of the cache due to a hidden homing device on these devastating weapons of mass destruction. The exact location of the missiles could only be pinpointed during the short period when they were being transferred from one location to another above ground on Taron, and the military had no choice but to strike at this time."

    "Following the human/skaarj war, many of Earth's cities lay in ruins. When the New Earth Government attempted to assert its authority over these areas, they were confronted by many rebel groups, often covertly financed by the great corporations, which had established bases in the destroyed cities. This scenario recreates the destruction of a rebel command center by NEG forces. In keeping with the historical battle, the attacker's insertion point is a distance away from the command center, because of the heavy anti-aircraft protection around the bunker."

    "In one of the most daring acts of the mostly covert Corporation Wars, Izanagi Corporation's research facility on Lamdon 3 was raided and destroyed by a strike force from the Axon Research Corporation, despite the protection offered by the elite NEG ThunderCrash force. This scenario recreates that mission. Axon was able to not only destroy the facility, but also retrieve the advanced plasma ion tank under development there. You must infiltrate the facility, steal the plasma ion tank, and destroy the entire facility."

    "This scenario is based on an infamous episode of a popular Holovision program. In the original episode, two teams of mechanics were competing to make their vehicle operational and escape the junk yard. The unexpected twist occurred when the losing team pulled out some makeshift weapons and pounded the other team into oblivion before they could make their escape. Since there was no explicit rule forbidding violence in the competition, they were declared the winners, and a new Tournament classic was born."

    "First contact with the Skaarj came during the recovery of the prison transporter Vortex Rikers on Na Pali. Within a year the Skaarj had pushed humanity back to the brink of destruction. This scenario replicates the final battle for Earth, and the stunning victory by humans in the face of almost certain defeat. A Skaarj Mothership orbited the Earth, and rained death upon the planet in preparation for the final landing. In a daring suicide mission, the humans attacked the Skaarj Mothership in small one man fighters, hoping to exploit a flaw in the Mothership defenses their analysis had revealed."

    "This scenario is a recreation of the Liandri robot uprising on the mechanical asteroid of LBX-7683 and the subsequent quelling of this rebellion by human forces. LBX-7683 was an outpost for research and development of the next generation of Liandri robots. Liandri's best scientists were able to introduce increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence into the machines that they designed. Eventually, they rebelled against the humans and took the asteroid as their own, brutally disposing of their creators and mining the rich materials embedded within the rock for their own gain. Liandri's commanders devised a plan to strike directly at the production facility manufacturing the robots. During an all-out assault on the world, a small team was inserted with the sole goal of destroying the AI generators, thereby destroying the ability of the machines to reproduce themselves and ending this uprising."

    Bombing Run

    "Two sides, a huge cave in between, one bridge going from side to side, bridging the gap between two teams, bridging the gap between hope and despair."

    "Whether attacking by ground or through the air via boost tunnels, expect heavy resistance as your opponents take advantage of terrain and technology to block your path. Maps will be available for those with poor navigational skills."

    "Feel the gentle breeze on your skin, hear the claiming sounds of the forest, watch the fireflies dance in the clearing and surrender yourself to a growing sense of serenity. Now ... collect your Flak Cannon and wreak havoc!"

    Capture the Flag

    "Chaos and death wait for those that stop to take a breath. Don’t think… don’t pause… don’t even blink. Welcome to the league’s futuristic take on the ancient art of jousting."

    "Absolute Zero was initially constructed as a scientific outpost to study glacial drift. Over the years, global warming and massive earth tremors nearly shook the base off of its foundation. The researchers and scientists were hastily evacuated and Liandri quickly purchased the base for the tournament. The warm reception given to you by your team may help offset the sub-zero temperatures, but don't get too comfortable, your foes have something much colder in store for you..."

    "Two sides, a huge cave in between, one bridge going from side to side, bridging the gap between two teams, bridging the gap between hope and despair."

    "By taking advantage of the fast moving high ground and the relative cover of the low, tactically proficient players can make their way to the flag practically unscathed. Returning with the flag, on the other hand, is another matter altogether."

    “This island-asteroid and its two towers have proven to be a perfect setting for Tournament CTF matches, so face your enemy and let the games begin!"

    "A warm breeze through the trees brings the stink of hot metal and sulphur, and the coppery scent of blood. Somewhere ahead crazed laughter echoes the report of a plasma rifle, taunting an unseen enemy. The sizzle of scorched flesh is the only answer. There's no magic bullets here, no conspiracy, just a gauntlet of enemies to overcome and finally bring the flag home. "

    "Prieth Callas was a hard, cruel man, fond of torturing his enemies before sending them to their deaths. He raised creatures of great size and ferocity, setting them against his prisoners in arenas of his own creation. Grendelkeep is the last of his diabolical constructions, left to fall into ruin after Callas was dragged from the battlements by his own men and fed to the creatures he bred in the dark kennels below. The rain has washed away the blood, but the evil that bred here has left a much deeper stain."

    "After a somewhat failed renovation attempt in 2358, the Liandri Corporation authorized a the restructuring and repair of facility 32356. Nearly 3 years later, the gates are open, let the water run red. Welcome to facility 32356-a … codenamed “January”!"

    "In the depths of ancient Korea, hidden high up in the Mountain of the Moon Dragon, battles rage between brave warriors."

    "The earth trembles beneath your feet, and the sky rains fire and ash down on you from above. The path to victory is as treacherous and deadly as the enemies you face on the battlefield, and less forgiving."

    "Winter has fallen on the tombs and the dead are restless. This elegant recreation of the twin tombs of brothers Ramses III and Rudamon has a reputation for speed, brutality, and treachery, just like the pharaohs interred within."


    "From the ancient days of the Tournament comes a classic 1on1 arena, renovated and redesigned to once again mediate in the fate of bloodshed. Do not be fooled by its ostensible simplicity, for those who command design will always dominate in this arena."

    "Desiring isolation, an artist built his new home on a towering skyscraper where he could escape from civilization. On top of his home sat his private museum of art, art never to be seen by the public eye till his tragic death. Found next to his decaying body, the artists will stated that his museum be turned into a 1 on 1 arena for the tournament, his only enjoyment in life next to art. No longer the tallest nor grandest skyscraper, it has come to be known as the Tower of Desolation."

    "Small atmospheric map set in a building constructed out of lots of wood and metal."

    "Piece of cake? Yeah you bet... Prepare to get dusted Ironman!"

    "This ancient structure once had a high religious significance to its inhabitants. However since their departure, the spirit of this old place of worship has become jaded. Now only the spirits of fallen combatants can be heard...will you join them?"

    "Once a section of a hidden military research facility, this cold structure now hosts some of the premiere 1 on 1 duels from the Tournament. The pressure is on.... how will you handle the spotlight?"

    "Watch your back and stay alert in this abandoned facility or you may end up as cold as the steel which surrounds you..."

    "After many years of tournament battles, this arena is slowly being eaten away by successive rocket and shock rifle blasts. Add your contribution to its destruction."

    "Feel the walls closing in on you? A little claustrophobia maybe? When the flak starts flying and the shock combos fill the air, as you find yourself backed into a corner by a relentless pursuer you'll come to learn the meaning of the word cursed."

    "Enter Deck 17 - Magma Refinery... Deck 16's HOT neighbor."

    "Under a searing sun, one little stream means life itself to this island of green in an ocean of sand. What will be left when its waters run red?"

    "Sitting just below the ever-thinning polar ice caps, the Gestalt Research Center will chill its inhabitants to their bones. In fact, bones may be all that's left to chill, since this location has been added to the growing list of tournament settings."

    "High above Calaban VII, Goliath class orbital power stations provide the thriving colonies below with both power and protection. Virtually immune to small arms fire, the platforms have become popular staging arenas for the tournaments. Occasional radiation leakage has resulted in arenas that are not only entertaining, but self-cleaning, too."

    "Thanks to Magnetic Anti-Vacuum Resonance technology, combatants are able to battle outside of Xan's 'HyperBlast' arena ship for an extended period of time. Use extreme caution though, one mistake and you'll find yourself floating in space."

    "Down through eons, the refuse of civilizations has come to rest here. You and your friends shall only add to the pile."

    "Separating the fast from the slow, the strong from the weak, the skilled from the incompetent - Metallurgy will test your mettle."

    "LMC knew they had found an excellent arena at the very top of a newly constructed Galaxyscraper Superstructure. Thanks to the modern miracle of super tensile solids, these three buildings reach a staggering 12 miles high at their pinnacle. The thin atmosphere and reduced influence of Earth's gravity provide an interesting test of the Tournament athlete's ability to adapt and conquer in extreme environments.”

    "A medium sized map set in an old industrial building, in the middle of a heavy thunderstorm."

    DM- Rrajigar
    "Fight in the Rrajigar mines."

    "The remnant of an old refinery now serves as a location for your duels. Use its intricate layout to your advantage and don't lose track of your enemy."

    "Wish you were here? Probably not. Since the loss of the Ozone Layer, this venue of Weather Control Stations has been become home to permanent storms and high winds. The endless sulphuric acid rain that lashes down has rotted these once proud examples of technological progress into nothing more than rusting hulks that dominate the skyline."

    Double Domination

    "Seal off the Domination point of your choice by controlling the Access button in the middle of the arena."

    "This great, mythical metropolis may have sunk to the darkest depths of the ocean, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's off limits to the Tournament. Even though it's located 20,000 leagues under the sea, strange Atlantean powers ensure that the competitors won't get so much as a toe wet."

    "Deep in the heart of the Ocean of Dunes, a small oasis of civilization welcomes the weary traveler. Any who step through the gates of the Temple of Aswan are welcome, though none may leave without taking part in the trials. The Anubans have used the trials as a means to test their prospective competitors for hundreds of years. Success means fame and glory, failure means the scavengers pick the meat from your bones. Are you really that thirsty?"

    "The ebb and flow of static charge in the Conduit, harnessed to sate the requirements of an energy hungry society. The ebb and flow of a team battle in the Conduit, broadcast to sate the requirements of a depraved, bloodthirsty society."

    "Deep within the Gen Mo' kai forests lies the key to rebirth. Unfortunately for tournament participants that manage to find this arena, that key happens to be death."

    Onslaught (Note: # of nodes doesn't include bases)

    ONS-ArcticStronghold (Nodes: 5)
    "Stationed at 24,000 feet and veiled behind blinding fog and constant snow, Arctic Stronghold provided the perfect place to conduct unsanctioned military experiments for use against the Skaarj. Restructured for Onslaught, this arena allows several paths to your enemy, and countless paths to death for the foolish or unwary."

    ONS-Crossfire (Nodes: 7)
    "In 2352, an anomalous volcanic eruption on the outskirts of Jerusalem partially unearthed a city far below the lost city of Ekron. Four years of intensive excavation revealed a civilization that predated all known human history. Purchased by Liandri corporation for the price of excavation, the souls of arena combatants now join the forgotten dead of the unremembered past."

    ONS-Dawn (Nodes: 6)
    "When Government prospectors happened upon this planet, Liandri knew they had found their next Onslaught arena. A primordial world still in the early stages of life, the lush landscape and rolling hills provide a serene and fitting environment for wholesale destruction."

    ONS-Dria (Nodes: 8)
    "Set among the crumbling ruins of the last Nali fortress, these icefields were the final stand of the Nali against the Skaarj. Driving their Stone Giants before them, the Skaarj lay siege to the city for three weeks, at last breaking down the perimeter wall and wiping out all within for their effrontery. Now an arena of Onslaught, the vast range of this location will test the teamwork and focus of the very best."

    ONS-Frostbite (Nodes: 2)
    "Don't be deceived by the apparent simplicity found in this frozen waste. Although it's among the smallest arenas for Onslaught, Frostbite is defined by frenetic pace and pitched battles."

    ONS-Primeval (Nodes: 1)
    "Nestled away in the darkness of the Primeval Forest, this Onslaught arena is a favorite of loggers and treehuggers alike."

    ONS-Redplanet (Nodes: 5)
    "Deep-space exploration has revealed a phenomenon never before observed – a planetary system with NO sun. Infrared light reacting with carbon dioxide in the high atmosphere bathes the planet in a searing, blood-red glow. Experiments have shown that more than 18 hours on this planet will cause irreversible insanity. You won't live that long...

    ONS-Severance (Nodes: 5)
    "Eons past, the inhabitants of these forgotten ruins summoned a being of elemental darkness, which they imprisoned and lulled to sleep with the blood of countless sacrifices. In the stillness between battles, one can sometimes hear the voice of this titan, roused from sleep, awaiting your blood."

    ONS-Torlan (Nodes: 5)
    "Set on the dried outskirts of a lush jungle continent, two factions clash in fierce combat for control of a major communications tower and its adjacent power supply. With the dam holding back the waters from the nearby jungle, the dried out riverbed running across the battlefield allows for an easy attack route into enemy territory and could provide a decisive victor with ownership of the enormous Comm-tower as the reward."

    It looks like Epic wasn't kidding when they said one on one combat would be a big thing in UT2k4.

    Update: Now actually alphabetized!

    EDIT: CTF-Lavagiant2 and CTF-Avaris were in a 2k3 Bonus Pack, not in 2004. Sorry if it misled anyone.

    Ace, some of them sound awesome. However I still can't get over how hilariously stupid the bridge of fate desc. sounds


      i can't wait to play DM-Gestalt!


        Originally posted by anarkist
        Ace, some of them sound awesome. However I still can't get over how hilariously stupid the bridge of fate desc. sounds
        I agree. I looked at the map descriptions in the demo, and I thought, "I hope they're not all like this, the UT2k3 ones were great." But it seems that Epic still has a resource of dark humor available for naming maps.

        BTW, I LOVE the description for ONS-Redplanet.


          Cool, is it ok if I copy this info to my map list thread?

          Nice to see the descriptions.


            DM-Rrajigar wins the award for "most exciting map description ever".


              Originally posted by Bill Nye
              DM-Rrajigar wins the award for "most exciting map description ever".


                ONS-REDPLANET will own!


                  Originally posted by digital ******
                  Cool, is it ok if I copy this info to my map list thread?

                  Nice to see the descriptions.

                  Sorry, I saw your thread, even bumped it, but I wanted this to be in a new thread, because I'm a selfish n00b.

                  I should have posted it in yours to begin with.

                  Now could someone tell Cursed4 new, or was it a Bonus Pack? Because the description was the same, but I couldn't remember whether the Curse in UT2k3 was Curse 3 or not...oh well.


                    Originally posted by toniglandyl
                    ONS-REDPLANET will own!
                    It'll be pretty hard for the Blue team.

                    Seriously, how will you distinguish them in dense red fog?


                      Curse4 is an update of Curse3 that was in UT2003 I think.

                      There was a debate on these forums as to whether Curse3 is in fact in UT2004 at all now.


                        Printing List :OOO


                          Originally posted by placebo
                          It'll be pretty hard for the Blue team.

                          Seriously, how will you distinguish them in dense red fog?
                          that's their problem


                            Originally posted by placebo
                            It'll be pretty hard for the Blue team.

                            Seriously, how will you distinguish them in dense red fog?
                            Maybe Epic will release an ONS-BluePlanet in a future bonus pack to even things out??



                              It looks like Double Domination has had better success than Bombing Run!

                              All those guys who thought that DOM was going by-by because there wasn't a map in the demo...they're wrong.

                              I pity the BR dudes, though.