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I love good death messages

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    Leaves the mind to wonder how anyone would manage to nail themselves with a lightning gun...:weird:


      Originally posted by Novac

      "Jeg elskar deg"
      I think that measn "I love you" in norweigan,
      but in swedish, it would be a little misspelled for "I love DOUGH!"

      anyone willing to learn swedish:up::up:


        Originally posted by Mustela
        I think that measn "I love you" in norweigan
        Yes, that's correct.


          Hehehe, the death messages in this game are great!

          But my all time favorite one is in Tribes 2 if you fall to your death and go splat.

          "Coolreject lost a game of chicken with the ground."



            Originally posted by mingz
            hahaha~ :haha:

            tat time i was playing online... one guy was called "me_again" .... den whenever i killed him... i got "you killed me_again" ... lolx
            Well, I once killed someone called "yourself"...

            "You killed yourself." :bulb:


              I remember back in the day recompiling a version of Q1 with changed death messages. I've forgotten them all 8 years later, though.


                While on the subject of death try going into one of the one of your enemies (or your own if you spawn right) spirit as it floats away. It makes this really weird zeldaish kind of noise. I noticed this while killing myself with variousthings, and I got my self with my impact hammer. I respawned and heard this weird music and it freaked me out. Also, if you spawn right you can kill your self twice with one deemer.

                [edit] It sounds like a bunch of high pitched bees are flying around you. Why did they make this sound?


                  That's the sound of the corpse disappearing. They probably added the sound because it may have seemed weird without a sound.