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    Originally posted by gareee
    Um, noticed a few people saying they will use thier speakers with the mic.. doesn;t that just really screw up everyone else playing, including yourself? Imagine 32 people all with thier speakers playing in the background, out of synch.

    Isn't the whole point to use the headset and the mic for palying and using speech? Positional sound is usually better with headsets as well..
    if you use your speakers with mic the speakers get muted when you talk.

    Originally posted by Lambdah
    I'm thinking... why do everyone want to buy the Second Edition?

    Yea you get the game on a dvd so what, if u buy it on a cd, the only bad side in it is that the installation can be a pain.

    The headset sucks, except for and microphone. There's barely any bass in them, sounds are so flat. I'd rather spend another 50€ on a good set of headphones.

    What fun are some shtoopid collection cards huh? few glances and thats it .

    I think most people won't even be really watching those tutorials on the dvd and make something out of it too. :bulb:

    Only really good side I can see is that it's cheap considering what it contains. Except here in Finland. The game costs 50€, and the SE costs 70€. Bah.
    it doesnt have colection cards, it has vtm's wich are vastly different that's the only thing i think you could be connfusing and not everyone can afford a 50$ headset ********.