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I just don't see how Doom 3 can compete with UT2k4

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    Originally posted by Deathboy9000
    That was an old rumor that got dispelled... it's not going to have 4 players max .
    where did it get dispelled? planetdoom and every site i can find still says 4 players max


      Maybe that per poligon collision detection takes more cpu power from the server. There was a rumor that also said that the server will run at 60 fps, that's 2-3 times more than quake3. Perhaps that's the reason to limit mp to only 4 players. Anyway, till the game comes out everything is a rumor.


        Just forget Doom3 and buy Farcry. The game looks very promising to me and already has a large mod community prior to its release. I wonder how the editor compares to the one of UT2004. So far, i like the idea of implementing large watersurfaces into maps which allows the use of boats...

        Don't worry, i'm still gonna buy UT2004 'cause for me, it's THE MULTIPLAYER reference. The netcode seems to be VERY stable from what i've experienced so far...


          Originally posted by TseTse
          but again, doom3 is a single player phenomenon that is greater than any other game title.
          :up: . I've always been a Doom fan, and I'm sure most of us who have played FPS would know of it or experienced it first-hand. I would buy Doom 3 doesn't matter if it's good or not. It's a legend, and deserve to be on a collector's shelf. The same goes for UT2004, UT2005, etc. It doesn't matter if UT2004 is good or not, I'd buy it, because I'm a fan. I'm one of those who build their computer just to play these kind of games, namely Doom 3.

          I won't be buying HL 2 however. The gameplay style is too rigid to me. Don't flame me; this is my opinion, you guys don't have to believe the same.