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I just don't see how Doom 3 can compete with UT2k4

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    Doom3 looks pretty but I wonder if it will actually have a game behind it.
    Quake4, from what i've heard, is focusing more on SP than MP, leaving UT the undisputed champ of the arena. (C'grats)
    HL2 looks pretty good, but I don't trust Valve much farther than I could throw em. It'll be interesting to see how they handle it. Probably will buy this one though.
    CS2? The original was bad enough, I hope no one tortures the world with a sequel. Even though its bound to happen (ugh). I'd be looking forward to TFC2 a lot more... but, uh, I think that game is supposed to come out like a month after DNF. .

    Soooo yeah. Basically i'm betting on a few solid years of UT2004 mods. ::up:


      I won't buy DOOM 3: it's too creepy


        Doom 3 and the Doom series in whole is a lengend, period.

        I already pre-ordered Doom 3. I'm a big Doom fan. Doom, I think, is the game that brings FPS at-large to the gaming world. I still remember the days of playing Doom 64 (Nintendo 64) and Duke Nukem; they were really something else. Some of us might even remember the days of Doom on Super Nintendo and the first edition for computer.

        On a sidenote, I think that Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo 64) is the best 007 game ever. I still remember spending hours playing multiplayer with friends on those small four-way split screens.


          N64 SUX
          PC are 733t


            I just had to reply....

            Now listen... I really like teamwork and thats why ONS (and CTF) is my thang. The special feeling when a good teamwork really works is fantastic, gettin' orders or requests and try to do it is fun. Screaming for a pickup or a medic and actually get a response is cool. And the demo really rocks. I had no problems what so ever. I have preordered UT2k4 SE and im really looking forward to give it a go'. Im also gonna buy Battlefield Vietnam cuz its also depending on teamwork. And B1942 was great fun and the graphics was very nice too. I think the Raptor should have a seethrough canopy. Also HL2 sounds interesting if it ever comes, but i dont have any interests for D3, but the screenshots i have seen are quite nice i, but the time for corridor shooters are over. Teamwork is the big thing nowdays imho, and it dosent get any better than Unreal and Battlefield. Im a huge fan of both. The gameplay is superfast in UT2k4 and i need a lot of practise to stand a chance against all the other players on the net. Sometimes i just shoot and shoot and the opponent wont die.. and i just get hit a single time and dies instantly.. I didnt suck as much in UT2k3, but still.. the new UT edition rocks big time! I started making my very first map to UT2k3 but got lost in the "decolayer"-thing.. i followed some tut's and i never got it to work. Im gonna start all over again when i get UTT2004 LoL

            well.. thats all i had to say.. (for now)


              Counterstrike 2 will split up the CS community

              Quake 4 will "not be the same as q2/3" and you will get something similar to UT and UT2k3 difference..

              Doom 3 .... heh, singleplayer... not even discussing that low-polygon over-its-time POS

              stalker.... I dont think the multiplayer will be anything different to what other games offer.. this will be a nice sp experience..

              painkiller... will be a modest game... probably always plenty of servers to frag on but it doesnt have a base like UT and Quake

              UT2k4 is somewhat a straightened out mistake named UT2k3 and a game that most people know to appreciate and will be a good succes... whatever UT2k5 will have, it will also be a succes


                Doom 3 will have multiplayer. Remember what they presented at quakecon?


                  Originally posted by Ultron
                  One of the main reasons CS is so popular is that anyone can run it. A 200MHz PC with a TNT card and 128MB RAM can play just fine.
                  That's VERY WRONG. And CS 1.6 makes it VERY VERY WRONG.

                  Duron 800, 256RAM, GF4MX -> a fight in aztec in the water(cs 1.5) with more than 5 players in visual range => 30 fps average.
                  And in CS 1.6 your video card needs an upgrade also.


                    Oh, come on!!! Deathmatch with a maximum of three other players is gonna rule!!!

                    Surely, people will get tired of all the vehicles, 24-player games, and such once they can play deathmatch with three other people!


                      That was an old rumor that got dispelled... it's not going to have 4 players max . It's not going to even SCRATCH the UT series whatsoever, so we have nothing to worry about.


                        A more fair question would be "how will doom3 deathmatch compare to ut2k4 deathmatch?"

                        Thing is, everyone always sees it as being just a standard, quake 3 style deathmatch only....this is incorrect. It will be a deathmatch much more in the vein of something like Thief, with reliance on shadows and stealth, lurking in the corner of rooms, going into rooms and turning of the lights and hiding. It could probably end up being quite campy though.

                        I always feel like some people hope for a game to be ****, simply for one reason or someone will say "doom3 will be **** because its made by id software, which i dont like because blah blah blah, only id fanboys will like it blah blah blah". I just dont get this attitude. Surely all should hope for a game to be good, no matter who makes it, simply coz it will give u, the gamer, some entertainment.

                        Ive pre-ordered 2k4, i will buy doom3, and will prolly buy half life 2, if and when it is released. Im pretty sure i will enjoy all 3, and each will have areas of gameplay where they excel over the others.



                          9/10 people who buy doom3 will buy other games they think look cool - and if they are a gamer who invested in the rig to play doom3 they will buy ut2k4 and hl2.

                          but again, doom3 is a single player phenomenon that is greater than any other game title.

                          hard to compare even to hl2


                            Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, anyone?
                            While not a 100% FPS (only 50% of the multiplayer), I think its multiplayer can compete with the other big games.

                            UT2K4 and SP:PT - those are the games I'm getting.


                              Doom3 is probably meant more on the single player side, but ask good ol John Carmack.

                              The Doom Community nowadays mainly map for SP. This would probably be the same with Doom3.


                                Originally posted by _arucard
                                That's VERY WRONG. And CS 1.6 makes it VERY VERY WRONG.

                                Duron 800, 256RAM, GF4MX -> a fight in aztec in the water(cs 1.5) with more than 5 players in visual range => 30 fps average.
                                And in CS 1.6 your video card needs an upgrade also.
                                your PC is one messed up rig pal

                                I used to be able to run 1,5 on a 200 mhz 32 MB ram voodoo1-powered POS