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I just don't see how Doom 3 can compete with UT2k4

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    I for one am really looking forward to doom 3 multiplayer...I really believe that the new engine will add something fun and the per pixel hit detection thing will also be really cool


      Yeah I don't expect Counterstrike 2 to take the world by storm.


      Most people won't be able to play the game out of the box without driving down the detail level dramatically. Mind you, I'm not talking about the average hardcore gamer, but the casual players, which is 90% of the online community.

      BTW I will be buying Doom 3, and just maybe Half Life 2. But I doubt I'll be playing them much after I complete the SP game. I'll try the MP out here and there but UT2k4 is where it's at for me.


        Hell dude, Valve is cheating the community. If there's even one left to buy HL2, there won't be one to make mods.


          Leave it to epic to totally spoil a gamer with the SE edition of UT2004, I was more than willing to fork over the $59.99 for it too - silly retailers.

          Doom 3 is priced at $54.99 and I doubt it will budge from that price any more than maybe by $5.00. Kind of puts an ouch factor in the fun.

          All the comments I've read quoting John Carmack leads me to believe Doom 3 might be a little bit of a let down, except for hard core id fans that believe JC and crew are gods and can do no wrong. The game is going to be short, average gamer being able to get through it in a weekend or something like 40 hours of play is what I've heard. JC said in one interview not to expect any earth-shattering AI routines for the monsters and there's going to be lots of pre-scripted events. Story? What story? You have a shotgun and a chainsaw what do you need a story for?

          Now Quake IV on the other hand, I think this will be a kick *** game.


            Originally posted by Dyno
            My guess is that Doom 3 will have a better single-player campaign and UT:2k4 will dominate multiplayer.

            Bingo. D3 is all about the single player experience. And 2004 (Onslaught is what REALLY makes it) will definitly rack up huge numbers of followers. Meself included.


              Originally posted by RumAndCoke
              (...) as far as i know other games all have uniform box around all there models so you cant shoot between the legs of your opponent (...)
              Hardly all games have a bounding box like that, though most do.
              Think of Soldier of Fortune (that's the bloody game where you can shoot of limbs, right?), Drakan, and a few others I can't think of right now.
              My point is it's not something completely new.
              Per pixel hit detection could very well be.
              DNF was supposed to have that aeons ago, but it's not exactly out yet.


                JC said in one interview not to expect any earth-shattering AI routines for the monsters and there's going to be lots of pre-scripted events. Story? What story?
                Pre-scripted events are actually pretty good for advancing story


                  UT2K4 = Incredible Multiplayer experience

                  Doom 3 = Incredible Single-Player experience

                  It's obvious.


                    Unreal Tournament 2004 - Well, this has already proven itself. This game is going to be based around multiplayer mayham! And the fact that this is comming out before Half-Life 2 or Doom 3 gives it a good chance to out-sell both! And the system requirments are not as high...

                    Doom 3 - Should be a great single player game, with a lot of mods. I haven't heard much about the multiplayer, but that is not what I am looking forward to. If they make this bring back the classic feel of Doom and Doom 2, I will be happy.

                    Quake IV - I am not too excited about this, just because id Software isn't doing this game. Running on the Doom 3 engine though, so it should look nice. I don't think this will turn out as good as the other three games, just because they are switching developers. Hard to keep a classic series classic without the class makers. Let's hope.

                    Half-Life 2 - This is going to be great. I liked the single player game of Half-Life, and I am sure I will enjoy this. Will probably become the most licenced engine from UT2004 and Doom 3. Physics will be great. However, let's hope the good modders stick around for this game. Though this running on Steam will be a big disappointment to me.

                    Counter-Strike 2 - To be honest, I hope there is a Counter-Strike 2 for Half-Life 2. Counter-Strike was a decent game, though the community made it bad. While it wasn't the most real, it had/has great potential. If they do make this, most of the cheaters will be gone because of the higher system requirments, and all of the immature players that just flame should be gone. If they do it right this time...However, I will still prefer America's Army.




                        Let's face it, people who aren't really into scary games, are going to buy Doom3 anyways, well, because ... it's Doom. 'Nuff said. I'm not into scary games, but I enjoyed the hell out of Doom and Doom II (LOL Doom II is still installed on one of my computers, I played through it again not that long ago!). I'm gonna buy Doom3 BECAUSE IT'S DOOM.


                          My only beef with Doom3 is the fact that it has taken forever and a day to come out with this game. They started it, what?, in 2000. If you want to keep peoples attention you might want to come out with a game a little more often that every four years. And as far as $55.00 for a single player game with limited (my assumption) expandablity. Sorry John C. but it's not my job to keep you in your Fararri.
                          Now with that said, I would gladly pay $60 bucks fot UT2004 simply because I know the seemingly limitless expandability of it and that I'll get years of enjoyment out of my purchase. That's what happened when I bought UT.

                          I'll probably buy Doom3 (after it goes on the discount shelf) simply because I was weened on Doom and Doom2.

                          Just my 2ยข


                            I think Q4 could be a better game with someone else at the helm. Quite frankly I never found the Quake series appealing. It's not like I didn't try. I loved Doom but the games weren't so much scary as depressing. Q3A was badly in need of repairs out of the box so I am hoping a new developer will come out with a more polished product this time.

                            One of the main reasons CS is so popular is that anyone can run it. A 200MHz PC with a TNT card and 128MB RAM can play just fine.

                            HL2 and D3 will be on the cutting edge so I doubt it'll propogate like other games will just because most people won't have hardware to run them well. I am thinking they'll run like Halo does but look a hell of a lot better.


                              I'm definetly getting it for single player... What with Deus Ex 2 (Which has only just came out over here, it owns), Far Cry and Painkiller, Single play seems to be the fashion... Which is not a bad thing at all :up:


                                Heh, there is few FPSes that I don't get at least partially because of the mods. This has been especially true for id games. In my eyes their engines might be good but they need someone else to build a good game around the engine.

                                I hope that there isn't another "CS", by which I mean any mod that inexplicably becomes wildly popular, for HL2 or for any game. I think that sort of thing is bad for mod community.