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Why is Atari killing off Unreal II XMP ?

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    Atari responded to me that they're aware of the XMP master server problems and they're working to fix them.

    Now I'm closing this thread. Please do not start any more XMP threads in the UT forums, please discuss this in the Unreal2 forums.

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    ^ why do people post **** like that

    just makes them look like trolling ***'s (they are)

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    XMP sucks.

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    in this post i will give my real feelings on the whole game as wellas some info i got from atari about the master server

    to start xmp is a grate game the lagg is mainly server side in my exp or i got a bad connection/rout to the server

    fps are low compared to some other games but its not that big an issue really

    ut games are made for people who dont want to think they just want to shoot and run and pickup **** as they do it

    xmp,tribes,exct are all based on TEAM play where to win u need team work
    xmp has taken the tribes idea a step farther by making the game requier team work to win(energy)

    i played tribes1/2 for along time as well as other games ut never was a game i liked (any of them) no thinking just run around and shoot

    the classes are verry well balanced in xmp now a mod to add more might be intresting(like shifterX for tribes) but isnt needed what is needed is support for those of us who bought the game(unreal2/u2SE) for the online play

    atari has lost my buisness IF the master server isnt back up and running some time verry soon
    i sent an email to atari and got the responce that they are moving the server that was last week and the servers down agin (after a whle 24hrs of being up)
    the master server dosnt caust them much to keep up this is all a game to get more people to buy 2k4 IMHO

    thats a link to the email situatuation so far i would incurrage all those who game to email them questioning there support for games just think this could happen to ut2k* when they put the next one out

    IF they sell a game with the POINT of sale being the multiplayer such as they have done with unreal II SE then they MUST support it OR they should refund the $ we payed for unreal2 PERIOD i would send my disks back happly to get my 35$ back but still wouldnt buy another atari product

    what WILL get atari's attention is hearing/seeing that people will stop buying things with the atari connection(assotation) they care about how much $$$ they make nothing else(pretty clear isnt it)

    so hit them where it herts the wallet dont buy atari IF they dont give good reliable support to game they produce/distribute/sell

    they should put the master server back up on a stable reliable server as well as putting an unlocked verof the xmp installer out (thats got the patch pre-instaled) just give xmp away and then have somebody develop XMP 2 and sell that as my email said this would make them $$$ becouse people would alreaddy have xmp1 and know the name
    the should also promote xmp online(where REAL gamers live)

    they could even make mods that u PAY to get as well as buy versions of XMP to sell for like 9.99 or so allowing people on 56k(like me) to buy the game and only have to download the latest maps/mutators that are out for it

    i know this sounds insane them giving it away but its a promotion thing like being able to download the rc versions of seirous sam they are the only reasion i bought the full and so on

    selling it would make them $ look how menny people BUY counter strike and its free to download

    they could easly make back what they spend to give away/support/promote xmp when they put out an xmp2 or expantion to xmp1 they wouldneed to make some training missions so that noobs dont have to learn to read the readme file

    this would be a grate way for atari to gain back ALOT of respect and gain new players for ANOTHER type of online game

    its called future planing/thinking ahead

    all in all i like xmp dispite its minor buggs (yes i said minor) all it needs is the support/promition it needs

    as to the netcode as i understand it the netcode isnt as much the issue as the server side prosessing (uses to much cpu power) the net code is effected by all deployables and such like its got more players to track like adding a **** load of botts to a full server on ut2k* you get lagg becouse so much **** in the server is being tracked
    with a patch im sure the cpu usage could drop a good bit IF there was another patch that is

    i have played ALOT of online games and u know its funny i got games from 1998 that still have acctive master servers and small player bases but the master servers are still up and running (and dont go down constantly)
    unreal1/ut servers are still up and its old as well

    profit isnt a valid excuse for taking down the master server its an excuse people would/will buy ut2k4 dispite any other games they get/have becouse its new

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    Originally posted by Mr Evil
    Never even bothered to play it myself. I uninstalled Unreal 2 immediately after finishing the disappointingly short single-player game. No point keeping it installed without even simple botmatch to provide replayability. XMP arrived too late for me to even consider reinstalling it. Besides, the multiplayer I really wanted in Unreal 2 was co-op, and there was never any sign of that.
    u dont need to re-install u2 xmp is standalone just need the play disk OR u can patch the installer for xmp and install it all by it self

    i dont even have my u2 disks around anymore they are in storage LOL

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    Sometimes I wished that epic would squeeze XMP into UT2004 cds/dvs as an xtra free game. NOW THAT WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE GAME PACKAGE THERE HANDS DOWN!!!

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    To everyone that has dissed at how laggy the game played, please at least try the latest patch aswell as the new CBP. The new maps are stunning!

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    Originally posted by Bishop Gantry
    there is only 3 problems wit XMP

    shoddy netocode
    shoddy veichle code
    and classes need a slight ballance tweak...
    im on 56k and the veichles work fine for me :/

    they get stuck inthings but thats not a big issue really better then them blowing up LOL

    the net code isnt grate but its better then some games i have seen

    the classes dont need teaked at all m8 there fine as is i know ur probbly one of the "rangers are to strong" people but hey learn to move and they have a harder time getting u (i play ALL classes)

    the harby is the only unit i dont really like it bounces to much :/

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    XMP is a great game, the classes are well done and the gameplay is very addicting. It was the only Unreal game I've enjoyed since UT2k3 came out. The 2k4 demo has replaced it for me, but I'd still like to play XMP every once in awhile.

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    i want both.

    i love both.

    debating which is "better" is pointless.

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    Originally posted by .:i:.
    xmp was made for free with the legend teams spare time
    That is a myth. First, Legend had no other project at the time, so it didn't need to use its "spare time" for something else. Its only project was Unreal 2 multiplayer (which became XMP). Second, the only reason that XMP was made is because Atari needed a multiplayer mode for the XBOX version of Unreal 2. If Unreal 2 for the XBOX was not planned, Legend would have been shutdown long before XMP development ever started.

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    "XMP i believe was concieved around the same time as U2 was, which was back in 2000, or at least planned, from what i remember it was quashed so that it would not step on 2k3's toes, remember that?,,"

    Yeah,I was folowing it from the beginning,back then it wasnt xmp it was co-op dm ctf,which is what it should have stayed,that game would have rocked it if was done right.
    I do believe atari cut legend short on deadlines with unreal 2 and ALOT was cut down into a 8 hour game
    They really should have let them finish it with full multiplayer

    xmp was made for free with the legend teams spare time,its a great game,just not well responed to because of U2

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    they need the room for ut2004 it was just a test platform to test vehicals and see how we reacted

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    I agree xmp is better than ons as a gametype
    I also liked U2 better than ut2k3
    the vehichles are better in 2k4,but ons is a cheesefest:weird:

    Im bored with both-back playing ut

    strike # 3? maybe

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    Originally posted by Dangler
    Hmmn, at least there is a debate on the subject.
    Shows that XMP is NOT dead, and I hate hearing that. I do wish it was more popular but small communities bring people together, and that can create a great atmosphere.

    The XMP vs ONS discussion is moot, XMP rules it period. :P
    ONS feels like DM on huge maps with cool vehicles, and gets boring quick, the full release may change that with some more maps, maybe...but the weapons still suck ***, i hate em with a passion. Flak Cannon in huge *** maps whats the point?
    I can only play it for a few rounds before i can't stand it.

    Vehicles in XMP really i don't see what everyone is talking about, sometimes on a laggy server they can go to ****, but same as ONS. 2k4's netcode is surley more optimized, but in general XMP runs as great for me as any mp shooter.

    Seems that mostly all i hear about is ONS, and really that's all i see(besides Assault, but hohum) that 2k4 has going for it.
    ONS is ok, i played it for 2 nights, (anyone here played Planetside?) and went back to XMP. I played the XMP demo for hours on end, hmmn..

    All a matter of opinion anyway, but for those who haven't checked out XMP (it seems alot of people haven't that seem to have formed opinions about it) it's a shame because it's a great game, and far more involved than ONS.
    You accidentally posted that XMP is better than Onslaught. Fix please.

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