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somebody has stolen my key

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    what the goal of they kid? to accelerate the dead of the game?


      They're kiddies, they think that's cool, have programs that do the whole job for them (without that they even know what they do) and they have no idea that they reduce the playerbase + they are trolls.


        Originally posted by chrishunterkiller View Post
        Now, i would like to know how is it possible to take an original key (from a client) connected in a cracked server?
        Because i have understood, that mean, he has stolen of all the orginal key from the player online??
        Originally posted by Sly. View Post
        He has probably used UT2004 as a backdoor to get access to your key and PC, I bet he did it similar to the NHK mutator (which I don't trust in because of it can access your whole PC!). There are some script-kiddies who can do that kind of stuff. Now that I think of it, we have heard of several attacks by them, like taking control of UT and such stuff in the past.
        I bet he was one of them.
        What sly said, is actually not really right. I find it very easy to hook up with my own PlayerController and call functions on it. For example I can easily make my own text spambot, by using the ServerSay("some message"); function on your own PlayerController, because usually it is going through a check before it goes to the ServerSay function. Ofcourse I do not use this in any other servers than my own and I do only use this to experiment with my UT2004.

        Now, in PlayerController.uc you have the following native function:

        native final function string GetPlayerIDHash();
        It could be this guy natively hooked that function up and just is returning the GUID hash of your key. How he got your GUID hash? Probably by having access to your server, because the PlayerController will only tell this to the server! This means he has not got your CDKey, but has a hack to fake it to be you, which has basically the same possibilities as having your CDKey.

        I don't think there is much of a solution left but buying a new game and staying very far away from that guy with a new nickname, unless he knows how to track you down via your IP or so.. (think that would be very impossible..)

        Hope I explained it a bit there..


          At this late stage of the game, you guys really should only play on servers you trust. Chris, I'll get you a new key.