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Any good Verbage strings?

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    Any good Verbage strings?

    Hey, so if you don't use Verbage for UT2K4, it's a small mutator that simply replaces the bland old "you killed ____" string with "you zapped" or "bonked" or "exploded" etc. just to vary it up a bit.

    Share yours! I'll start. Uh, some of them have to be edited ever so slightly... lol.

    Verbs=("smote","stomped","force-fed a **** to","crushed","destroyed","mutilated","dismantled" ,"slayed","swiss-cheesed","ruinated","roxor'd",">","slaughtered","m elted the face of","pulped","victimized","obliterated","****ed up","pwned","deep-sixed","86'd","snuffed out","grated","kicked the **** out of","atomized","smushed","boned","assassinated","e radicated","lynched","exterminated","massacred","e xtirpated","canceled the lease on life of","showed Donald Trump the death certificate of","collected the life insurance policy of","abrogated","stifled","extinguished","squelche d","voided the birth certificate of")

    I especially love just the > arrow. It comes up "You > Gorge". Always makes me laugh, lol.

    Is anyone more creative than I am?

    I don't use this mutator but how about:
    "has made minced meat out of", "evoked the death scream of", "sliced and diced", "was firin' da lazor at", "taught the fine arts of torturing to", "yelled 'BOOM, Headshot!' at"
    or perhaps: "broke the Co-Co-Co-Combo of"
    That's all I can think of for now...


      ur creativitee suxorz


        You should show Flak that mutator.
        I bet she'll be happy when she can set the death messages to
        "Flak banned (name)"
        "Flak used the golden ban-hammer against (name)"
        "Flak spammed the spammer (name) with her Flak Cannon"
        Really! I bet she'll enjoy it