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    I was just switching to it after teleporting with the translocator. Those blue spots you see are from the teleporting effect.

    Edit: Two days ago at 2 AM I decided to go play UT2004 and record my crappy gameplay. I still don't know why.
    The two screenshots above are from those videos. If you want to see them for whatever reason, here's the first one (Deck 17).

    The second one should be around there somewhere as well.


      Oh, I thought it was some kind of mutator that makes the crosshair and weapons move like in FPS on the Wii so that you have to touch the edge of the screen with your crosshair to rotate around or something like that


        Originally posted by Ryuzaki View Post
        It wasn't a bot. It was a friend of mine playing on my server.
        However I have tried to kill him (a lot of times, as always), it didn't work because we were on the same team and Friendly Fire was set to 0%.
        You could have tried to fire a flak grenade to push him back instead then, lol

        @Sly.: Oi, stop making these drive-by mod suggestions that make me hungry for new and awesome gameplay!



          Why are you all looking at me like that..?
          STOP STARING AT ME!!!


            "Welcome to Deck-24. Pokéfood refinery."
            And you must have slipped and fell into one of the tanks. Now you should think about running away...