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Limiting Cache size? (like a disc quota)?

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  • Limiting Cache size? (like a disc quota)?

    I set up a partition thats10gb on my slave disc after reformating and I intend to only install unreal stuff on it. Is there any way I can set up a quota on the game's cache folder? Due to the limited size I don't wanna get below 1bg of free space on it, and I'm also going to install unreal 2, ut99 and unreal 1 on it. Should it be bigger? If nessasary I can easyilly repartition the drive and allow more space for unreal.

    P.S. I also have a gig of oggs that will be going in there that I backed up prior to reformating.

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      10 GB isn't enough for my ut2003 folder:haha:
      go get yourself some more floppydisksks:haha: :down: