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Win an NVIDIA GTX 480 Video Card from Spiral Game Studios!

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  • Win an NVIDIA GTX 480 Video Card from Spiral Game Studios!

    We are huge on community interaction - and we have developed a brand new way to involve you guys into the game. We are extremely proud to announce this exciting new contest. We are allowing YOU to become the voice of ORION – as well as get some awesome rewards.

    This competition will allow you to be one of 10 toggable sets for the Game Announcer. We will offer a variety of customization for player-preference in ORION: Prelude – and choosing your favorite game announcer (or even turning it off entirely) is one of them.

    We will be shipping the game with at least 3 sets for the announcer – but also including the 5 overall best from this competition. The sets will be named after the winner – so seeing your name in both the options and the game credits is pretty awesome!

    This event is open to absolutely everyone – all you need is a microphone and some PC recording software. We recommend downloading the free software called 'Audacity' – available below:


    This competition is towards the “GAME ANNOUNCER” for ORION: Prelude. This is the bloke that rattles off things like “Head-Shot” and “Multi-Kill!”.

    01 – Keep it clean – don't add any filters. We will be running it through our post-processing effects that our audio team has developed.
    02 – Stand out – you are going to be the announcer of ORION. Try and make it as unique as possible.
    03 - Record 3 takes of each line - and send all 3. This will allow us to pick the best takes.
    04 – Have fun with it.


    All applications must be received by April 1st, 2011.

    All applications must be submitted to:

    We will be choosing the best five (5) over all sets.

    The 5 selected individuals will win the following rewards:

    01 – Voice set including as a toggalbe “Game Announcer” - Set will be named after you.
    02 – Free Copy of 'ORION: Prelude' (platform of choice / upon release).
    03 – Spiral Game Studios T-Shirt
    04 – Digital Soundtrack
    05 – Access to 'ORION: Prelude PC Multiplayer Beta'

    We will be selecting our SINGLE (only one!) favorite candidate and giving him one other nice reward. On top of getting everything above – we will also be shipping him a brand new NVIDIA GTX 480 1GB.

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    “Dinosaurs in 3D!” & Alien Weapons Revealed!
    We are proud to announce a brand new endeavor. Partnered with NVIDIA - we are going to be bringing you an incredible new way to experience dinosaurs - in 3D.

    Utilizing NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology, we are going to be building roughly a 5-minute technology demonstration / video experience. This will all be in real time, running through ORION: Prelude.

    The video will feature three dinosaurs (/Pterosaurs):

    This will be a fully interactive video, showcasing our dinosaur system and how the dinosaurs can interact differently with one another - all in a gorgeous lush jungle environment.

    We will be releasing “Dinosaurs in 3D!” this summer before the Multiplayer Beta.

    To continue our update from last week - we are now revealing some of the awesome alien weapons along with the style of them. These were done by Benjamin Boesel - the same young lad responsible for cranking out and perfecting the human style:


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      30 days of ORION

      What a month! Not only were we pumping away internally with our GDC deadline - but also externally with you guys through our insane amount of updates and consistent levels of interaction. We couldn’t have hoped for a better result from all of this and would like to take a (quick) look back and reflect on everything that we revealed. There was a lot - so go get a drink.


      “The Indie Dream” was an incredible experience for the entire team. It allowed us to connect with KickStarter as well as our entire audience and give an extremely intimate glimpse as to who we are, what we do - and what we want to change. It also allowed us to show you tons of never-before-seen artwork, footage and information. It’s 5 and a half minutes - and it’s completely worth it!


      We spent quite a few weeks redesigning The Carriers (human race) armor. We completely scrapped the old designs and went back to the drawing board with quite a few concept artists. We re-defined the style and aesthetics and came up with something that blew us all away.

      We were heavily influenced by the small panel and modular designs of Isaac in Dead Space as well as the more near-body style featured in Mass Effect. But the overall touch was heavily influenced by many different iterations of the Iron Man armor. It all came together in one beautiful new character featuring the best of all worlds.


      When we went back to the humans - we also took it upon ourselves to redefine the ever-mysterious Alien race in the game - The Altair. This is one of the coolest races ever invented and we drafted a trailer together to match that level of awesome-sauce. We stuck closer to the original designs (more-so than we did with the Carriers) and just perfected the elements that were missing. You will be learning more about the Altair in the coming months - but not too much more - so try and catch as much as you can:

      “BE THE VOICE” (Win an NVIDIA GTX 480!)

      We recently announced an incredible new competition. We love our community - and we love interacting with them. What we love even more is finding new inventive and creative ways of including you guys into the game development as well as hooking you up with awesome rewards.

      Thanks largely to my girlfriend for the incredible idea - we are now letting you (competition goes until April 1st, 2011) have the opportunity to not only become one (of 10) official “Game Announcers” for ORION - but also hooking you up with free copies of ORION: Prelude, access to the Multiplayer Beta, signed artwork, digital soundtracks, T-shirts - and one lucky winner will receive a brand new NVIDIA GTX 480 video card!


      On top of revealing characters - we also revealed two remakes of fan-favorite maps from our previous experimental title - ‘Geode’ and ‘Reactor’. Fans will instantly recognize key areas of these environments - and also the insanely beautiful new visuals that accompany them. Click below to check out more of them:


      Speaking of incredible announcements - we are extremely thrilled about one of the more recent ones. While we haven’t released many details about it yet, we are going to be releasing an incredible 5-minute long 3D video - with dinosaurs.

      This will be running in real time with the technology behind ORION: Prelude. We will be showcasing not only incredible graphics, environments and dinosaurs - but doing it with the power of 3D. Thanks to NVIDIA, this video will make the most out of the 3D Vision Technology. This will be released this summer before the PC Multiplayer Beta (


      Not only did we reveal the characters and new environments - but also the new weapons for each race. Like the armor counterparts - we spent just as much time and attention towards redesigning all of the weapons for both the Carriers and the Altair.

      This included defining each weapons personality as well as the overall style for each of the race’s weaponry, items, grenades and vehicles. Check all released designs below:


      We were extremely pleased to announce that our previous experimental prototype was also accepted and released on Desura - the indie way of downloading and playing games. This allows a much easier way of obtaining the game, playing the game and staying connected. We encourage all current ORION: Source players to upgrade to this method as it allows for automatic updates and patches.


      When we kicked off the KickStarter promotion - we kicked it off with a bang. We showcased tons of gameplay footage from one of the early builds here at Spiral. We demonstrated the ideas and functions that we wanted to bring together in a virtual gaming environment.

      This game build was created only in 6 weeks - and it showcased the vehicles, the jetpacks, the dinosaurs. We have been hard at work since then and cannot wait to show you what we have been cooking. For now, enjoy this:


      Over the course of this event we did tons of press. We participated in a handful of interviews, contributed towards plenty of previews - and supplied game sites all over the web with tons of exclusive media. We encourage you read them as they contain massive amounts of relevant information:






      So enough of the already posted content. We want to show you something new. While we are not allowed to show you TOO much (yet) - we wanted to give you a glimpse at some of the Alien weaponry that is floating around in the game right now. We have a lot to show for GDC - and many people to show it too. We have tons of meetings lined up thanks to all of your support. We cannot wait to get back and share everything else under the hood. Until then, enjoy this:



      We cannot thank you all enough for the support and contributions you have made. We have not only exceeded our pledged amount - but with your help we were able to reach out to and attract new fans and meet new friends.

      As for gifts, which I am sure all of you are curious about. We will be gearing up and creating these gift packages in March. The funds from KickStarter will help finance these gift packages - so we must wait until we have said finances before we can start creating some of it.

      The funds will hit the company bank accounts in early March and we will be getting into contact with every single one of you as well as posting updates on our main site. By the end of March and early April we will have hoped to ship out all available (not the games or betas) gifts and rewards. If you have ANY questions about this, please email:


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        Wait wait... I think I did not get this all. Are that several different games or is that one game which has aliens, alien weapons and dinosaurs?


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          Bad ass guns!!

          (wtf I write it in capitals and then it gets all small o0)


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            I've been watching this project and even thought about trying to work with you guys. Just wanted to say congrats and things are looking great.


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              Originally posted by Barionyx View Post
              Wait wait... I think I did not get this all. Are that several different games or is that one game which has aliens, alien weapons and dinosaurs?
              This game has anything you could ever want from a shooter.

              Retro inspired, dinosaurs, awesome items like jetpacks, hacking kits, supply stations, medic guns, cloak devices - amazing vehicles like mechs, buggies, tons of grenade types, class-based gameplay, multiple game modes including Co-Op and so much more.

              Get ready


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                Originally posted by FewPosts View Post
                I've been watching this project and even thought about trying to work with you guys. Just wanted to say congrats and things are looking great.
                Thanks man - we really appreciate that.


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                  Only 3 hours remain - track, support and spread the link:

                  Take the opportunity to grab some of those amazing (super limited and exclusive) rewards!