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What's your Fav & Worse UT2k3 Map?!?!

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    Originally posted by {RA}SKYFURNACE


    The First Bonus Pack was From Digital Extremes.
    The Second Bonus Pack was from Epic.
    The above are official, and will be in UT2K4.

    The other Bonus Pack was the CBP: Which was created by community mappers, It won Cliffy B Ownage.
    Not entirely true because the CBP was actually looked over by Cliffy. You can even download it from UT2k offical website at

    Seems offical enough... Plus Ed Duke-*** & David Splainski both work at Epics sister company Scion Studios.. So I hear... If you look at the "Full Manual" included with the demo I believe you'll see Duke-*** name as a Level Designer..

    Its not a Epic or DE Offical Bonus Pack but it was made from some hired & very talanted mappers.. Good enough to be offical in my book

    EDITED: Oh.. And Clawfist donated 2 maps to CBP.

    Phamous ~1~


      From the original game (not the bonus packs)

      BEST = DM-Compressed

      WORST = DM-Phobos2/TrainingDay/Gael/Serpentine/Skyline ... and basically all the other maps except Antalus and Asbestos.


        Haven't seen any mention of Flux2, I liked that one, even though it had nothing to do with the original Flux.


          I know it says official maps but I wanna **** my favourite high quality third party maps.

          DM-Aristocracy. By far an absolutely awesome map. DM-Nirvana][ ditto. I've never seen someone put so much work into a DM map. It's just so eerie and real. Maps like these make me turn world detail up to "High" simply because the levels deserve it. DM-TreeOfLife is confusing at first but once you get your bearings its a great piece of heavy Z fighting.

          DOM-OneOnOne is absolutely insane. DOM-Aphrodite is a little small but a top quality map.

          CTF-Shire is just god **** amazing. If you don't have CTF-Unearthed in your map directory I'm coming around your house to cut your freaking head off and delete your copy of UT2K3.


            Tropic - your PM inbox is full.


              Opinions are like a$$holes... everybodies got one.

              Fav: Plunge (can't wait for the new Morpheus)

              Worse: Training Day


                Originally posted by Airjrdn
                Tropic - your PM inbox is full.


                  Fave: DM-Compressed

                  Least Fave: DM-Serpentine


                    Fav: Grendel

                    Worst (by far): Tokara


                      Fav: DM-Plunge (Love the low-grav skyscaper thing... the first map I ever played of UT99 was Morpheus, and I fell in love.)

                      Worst: DM-Curse3 (Too cramped, good for 1v1, but that's about it.)