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Do You Think The Weapon Sounds Are A Bit ......... Quiet ?

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    I got no problem so far, only sometimes when I'm charging a node, I think I can hear the link sometimes have a lower sound and get back to normal.

    And yes, all guns sound better .... except ..... Assault gun now is alone in having sucky sound, it just keeps sounding like a kid gun.


      Originally posted by Powerslave666
      Turn off voice chat, that increases your overall volume.
      That's all I did and all is good....

      Although I'll have the headset with the SE when it comes and will use it then...

      This is a demo and the retail ... we'll see. Maybe a better balance there.

      But, if you're going to be using a headset maybe all is good.

      Or, in game sounds are lower with voice chat being used because you need to listen to your mates and if the booms and bangs are twitchin' the ear drums you won't be able to communicate with your teammates which Epic is assuming you want to do because you have it enabled so they did it that way because they know their **** and are rockin' with just the demo release so shut up and go play you baby!

      Then again, I could be wrong.


        Originally posted by KittyFantastico
        That's too bad. Maybe it's your rig. Except for those that have succumbed to the sound bug, I've seen many posts on this forum praising the improved sound.
        So have I.. not sure why though, placebo effect probably

        It sounds like I'm wearing earplugs, all muffled and distant - how anyone can say it's not merely as good as 2K3's but actually better is beyond me


          Originally posted by Menace2k3
          ITS A DEMO!

          the sounds will be louder when you buy
          I was just thinking the same thing. Epic most likely did a really low mix to conserve space. I know for a fact that some textures were resized ie 512x512 instead of 1024x1024. I'm sure that the sound will be much improved in the final product. :up:


            The sound in the 2K3 demo was the same as the retail version


              Originally posted by dirtydog
              It sounds like I'm wearing earplugs, all muffled and distant - how anyone can say it's not merely as good as 2K3's but actually better is beyond me
              Having played UT2K3 almost daily for over a year, I can say the sound in UT2K4 is better quite easily, thank you.

              If your sound quality is how mine was when I first launched the game, then I can see why you're disappointed. I was one of those that suffered from muffled sound at first. I tweaked my ini and changed to EAX and then all was good. In fact, better than good. The sounds are great. Clean, clear, and loud.

              I can assure you that it's not a placebo effect. There are sound issues, but there's no question that it's relative to a person's rig/setup. I'm pretty sure that most of us that think the sound is better in UT2K4 aren't imagining it.

              Anyway, as I said before, Epic has acknowledged there's a problem. There's no doubt in my mind the full version will have the kinks ironed out, then hopefully you'll be able to appreciate it like the rest of us.


                The mini needs more bass, and the plasma impact sounds need more substance. Other than that they're pretty good.


                  I have no real problems with the weaponsounds.
                  The only real problem for me is , that I cannot hear most sounds from the rear.
                  It get's me killed by vehicles all the time , while I might have evaded if I could only hear them coming in.


                    I agree that sound are total ghey in the demo.

                    I especially hate that there is no sound when you switch weapons.

                    :down: FIX IT EPIC


                      I L O V E the sound of alt-assault rifle, its great - minigun needs to be touched up and shock rifle is perfect so only minor adjustments


                        i dont notice a difference tbh


                          I'm just very very very glad they turned down the shield gun sound... i use to hurt my earts so much using that gun :up: