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So, are we sick of Onslaught yet?

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    I played on some pubs last night and it still is real fun.

    And the good thing wa: Nobody shouted at to shut up when I explained some basic rules via teamspeak (you cannot heal nodes with Flak, you cannot heal the core and the usual stuff).

    But there were a few good players and there were some nice battles and at least two full comebacks (when one team only had the core left) and few where hard battles.

    The Servers had different Link-Setups in their rotation, though.


      Originally posted by MechaFubs
      Your problem is that you got too narrow minded, you could have done this:

      1) Grab the manta!
      2) Exit the base from the side (yeah - you remeber that? The exit that doesnt point towards your node).
      3) Drive round the back and take out the guy in the hellbender on the hill.
      4) Grab the weapons locker on the top of the hill.
      5) with your newly aquired AVRiL take out that camper on the tower.
      6) Take out all the other small vehicles
      7) Try to take out the goliath

      That should give the rest of your team the oppertunity to get out of the base and make a comeback.

      But I guess you simply spawned, ran for the main exit, died, spawned, ran.... etc
      You're assuming that there isn't a Manta or some other vehicle camped right over your spawn. I don't think most servers enable spawn protection.

      I see this being a big problem in comp, once a team gets down there's really not much chance once the spawncamping starts. Sure they may have deserved it, but why bother with cores, just end the match once spawns have been sat on for 10 seconds.


        Onslaught is like communism;
        good in theory but horrible by the public,
        only the organised can maintain it well.