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So, are we sick of Onslaught yet?

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    Re: So, are we sick of Onslaught yet?

    Originally posted by MachDelta
    The rest of them were content to camp in/around/away from our base and just throw **** at it, ensuring we had no possible hope of ever getting out alive.
    er... so what are you saying, they should just let you walk out of the base and take back the nearest node? Sounds like they knew what they were doing, 3 guys taking out the core while the rest of them ensured you couldnt turn the game around by attacking the nearest node. u sound like a little bit of a bad loser to me? Its like the old CTF argument "OMG THIS LAMER NOOB STOPPED ME GETTING THE FLAG! OVER AND OVER AGAIN OMG OMG DONT THEY REALISE THAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO LET ME CAP IT BECASUE I DONT LIKE A CHALLENGE OMG OMG LAME NOOB!" etc...

    Ive always been **** at onslaught, but still manage to have fun. Remember the demo is only a demo and tbh if you've played it so much that you are sick of it then thats your own fault. I played it enjoyed it, removed it, went back to 2k3 and am now waiting for the full version.

    Ive learnt from experience not to overplay demos, they are by their very definition 'limited' .


      Yes. Back to old DM :up:


        Re: So, are we sick of Onslaught yet?

        Originally posted by MachDelta

        6) One guy in a raptor hovering about a mile in the air and two miles away, firing randomly at our core. The moment you got a missile lock on him, he retreated into the fog.
        I know a lot of people who do this, but I don't understand why. To retreat from locked-on AVRiLs it would take twice as long to lose them, instead of firing at the core until you are shot down (takes two AVRiLs), then pick up another Raptor after you re-spawn at attack again.

        OR, you could wait until the Raptor has little shield left, lower the Raptor and jump out and go from there.

        The only time I go for the Raptor is to get the Redeemer, or fly myself to the nearest node (but usually I use the node transporter).


          It's all about getting there first. The Goliath spawns at the same two nodes every time. If you want it you have to get that node built. It all evens out. The best way to avoid being spawn camped is to have EVERYONE playing. I'd be willing to bet you had more than one player just taking a player spot and not playing. I've seen ALOT of this already. It seems a little boredom HAS set in. But what do you expect from public servers? I won't be officially sick of it until I can figure out how to work those stupid spider mines. I've been having way too much fun with every other thing in the game.


            Originally posted by JaFO(JBE)
            // MachDelta :
            What the hell was your team doing ?
            It's almost as if you were forced to defend your entire base yourself,while 12-16 enemies were attacking ...
            That's what I want to know. Mach, it just sounds like you guys owned yourselves. I've only seen what you just described once, and it was because my entire team - myself included - were screwing around on an FF-enabled server. Other than that, I've not seen this kind of activity, because the other team should never be able to mount such a force. If they were able to, it's just possible that your team was composed of the planet's worst players... and that's not the fault of the gametype or the map.


              Sucky teams. I've been in a team that had only 25% left on their core, started working properly, came back, forced the game into overtime and controlled enough nodes during the drain, including occasionally hitting *their* core, that we won with only 3 left on our core.

              Was ONS at its finest.

              I restart my pub when teams are *seriously* imbalanced though.


                Well eveyone here was a noob at some point. Some just show it worse than others.


                  I'm still enjoying Onslaught as much as last week.

                  Actually, playing that map has some of the unhealthy appeal of Deck16 about it. I'm afraid I was one of those who would spend hours on Deck-only servers. Everyone had played it so often that they knew exactly where to go to collect the shield belt and redeemer* in under 10 seconds, and it became a bit of a race. No-one had much of a clue in Torlan to start with, but now it is a disappointment if the first three nodes aren't built within about 30 seconds. An inexperienced team is easily overrun in about 3 minutes.

                  For me, part of the fun is trying to conquer the map in the most efficient way possible. Yes, once a team is down to their power core only, they haven't got much of a chance. But the game is fair to both teams, and they shouldn't have got into that position in the first place.

                  *Yes, I went for the redeemer. Please excuse my noob.


                    I agree with the thread starter. Onslaught on pubs is so filled with people who just stand and use avril, or camp different spots (like the redeemer with LG), that its become a bit boring. I have only played DM the last week.

                    I think other gametypes like DM, CTF and Assault will attract more players in the near future, while less will play onslaught. The best would be if we got roughly 25% on each gametype.



                      I guess I've been lucky so far as I've played two games on-line (after lots of practice off-line) and both of them were lots of fun.
                      And best of all : no lamer in sight ... *knocks on wood*


                        Last night, I was in a game where my team was linking up to build every node... we built the first, corner, and middle nodes and blew right through their first and corner nodes, which Blue had hardly finished building.

                        They kept a tight defense on their core and took back their first node a few times, but when it went into overtime, we kept the nodes pretty much locked down. We brought tanks in from both corners and placed them at their first node... worked pretty good.

                        ONS still rocks :bulb::up:


                          Sounds to me like the other team just played a tactically superior game. This IS war ya know.


                            Re: So, are we sick of Onslaught yet?

                            Originally posted by MachDelta
                            Cuz I am.

                            Games have gone from being fun "OMGOMGOMGOMG NEW TOYS!@!!!", to "I'm better at being lame than u" matches.

                            Last game was a point in case. My team was pushed back (stupid redeemer) to our base, and pinned there permanently by a combination of the following tactics:
                            1. One guy in a manta camped on the teleporter
                            2. One guy outside the entrance to our base, lobbing spider mines and grenades into it.
                            3. One guy in a goliath, sitting just far enough away from the goliath's spawn that he could zoom in and spam our entrance (near the Hellbender) with cannon fire
                            4. One guy parked on the hill with a hellbender, sniping anything he saw with the plasma cannon
                            5. Two other guys on the hill, firing Avrils and LGs at anything that moved (esp our turrets)
                            6. One guy in a raptor hovering about a mile in the air and two miles away, firing randomly at our core. The moment you got a missile lock on him, he retreated into the fog.
                            7. One doofus constantly running into our base with Mantas and mowing over new spawns (he never even fired at the core)
                            8. One guy camping the Deemer spawn... and not using it on our core :bulb:

                            C/Q/C away.
                            Sounds like you got served.

                            Seriously, it sounds like the other team simply out played your team and kicked your butt.

                            The demo isn't supposed to offer an infinite amount of playability. That's what the full game is for.


                              I think that ONS is getting better, well the people that are playing it are. I'd say that 80% of the time that I play, just about everyone seems to know what they are doing.
                              Last night I had one of the best games ever, my team's power core was down to 24 and we came back to defeat the other team, it was awesome. It's all about team work. By the way, I usually play on the ATARI/EPIC official west servers, maybe that has something to do with it.


                                Re: Re: So, are we sick of Onslaught yet?

                                Originally posted by CliffyB
                                The demo isn't supposed to offer an infinite amount of playability. That's what the full game is for.

                                I am getting mighty tired of Torlan, though, and it does have a few gameplay quirks that get irritating after a while when it's all you've got.

                                I've been playing DM more, because Rankin is a kick-*** map and seems to me to have more long-term playability.

                                FWIW I remember when the 2k3 demo came out, I overplayed the maps completely.

                                I still can't play in Antalus or Asbestos without feeling tired, even though they're two of the best maps that shipped with the game.