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    Originally posted by Troy. View Post
    WRONG! I was waiting for a post like this on this thread.
    The more players who do it, the more people who'll join them...
    ... and finally the red or blue team is the only team with players in the game
    Something like that?


      Originally posted by Sly. View Post
      ... and finally the red or blue team is the only team with players in the game
      Something like that?
      Actually I meant something else. If you become a spawn- and basecamperkid yourself, you'll actually help improving the spawn- and basecamperkiddies yourself.


        I've been called names many times for fragging spawning players while on foot in the base while attacking the core or on my way back to a prime node from the enemy core when prime node is lost.

        People seem to think that any enemy in their base should stand still and wait to be fragged.

        Hell no! I'll use any weapon I have to frag anyone who gets between me and the core, spawns near me or shoots at me, or gets between me and the prime node on the way out....those assault 'nades hurt!


          Troy said: The best solution is to leave
          Okay, they have left. Most players are gone.
          Join just about any of the remaining online servers and
          1) no bot, no players. I gonna sit, connected to Troy's server, wating for someone to show up?
          2) bot opponents (with or without players) and the stock bots just DON'T get it.
          The bots ignore spawn protection and shoot ASAP.

          I think the current crop of players are brainwashed into reacting based on coping with that bot behavior. When a player is spawning... if you dawdle, wondering "is it a human or bot?" you will lose.

          BunnyFooFoo (GameRules mutator) doesn't fix the bot behavior problem. Custom bot AI would be necessary to fix it... but many of the popular mods already use their own custom controllers, so adding "fixed" (respecting spawn protection) bots isn't possible with those mods in use.

          So, in my opinion... the game developers are at fault, not the players.


            If you leave you'll find a better soon enough. You just need to find the right place to stay and come back, that's all.