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    Weapon suggestions for my Map

    Hello I am working on a map for UT2004. I am not a UT2004 player, although I have played it, I am hoping for some feedback on what weapons are desired or used the most. Here is some info on the map I am making :

    Made for CTF it has 2 bases on each side. These bases are underground and connected by a series of narrow pipe tunnels. These under ground tunnels are Mirrored to be as symmetrical as possible. I am thinking for these tunnels players would want close range powerful weapons.

    The Map above ground is a simple Terrain with a mountain in the middle that seperates the 2 base entrances , which are located in small depressions on either side. There is one path that runs from one base entrance to the other around the mountain in the middle. There are also small trails that lead up to the top of the mountain, starting at each base. If you play UT2004 please give me suggestions on which weapons you would prefer because I plan on releasing this to the Unreal community in the future. Thanks in advance !

    Here are some Screenshots to show /clarify what I am talking about :

    The Depression in the terrain Leading directly into Enemy base:


    The Trail leading around the mountain and to the Depression - with the mountain on the right:


    The Main base where the flag will go. You can drop down the hole or go through the teleporter to get in behind the base :


    The Tunnel that leads to the center room and 2 other rooms. To the left is the base, Behind you are the other 2 rooms, and to the Right is the Center room. :


    The Center Room. 2 teleporters in here take you to the top of the mountain. Not alot of room to Manuever while on the top platform. Colored Lights tell you which base this tunnel takes you too :


    The room Mentioned in Screenshot #4, This room is between the corner room and the tunnel that leads there. :


    The room in the very corner of the map, I am debating on whether to connect this to the oppisite corner Via Teleporter:


    This shot is to just show how narrow the tunnels are :


    I still have some Decorations to add and Optimization before I release this map. I am also Debating on giving players the Ability to "Flood" the tunnels making it an underwater nightmare. Again thanks for the feedback UT2004 Players. The weapons are up to you!

    I'd say you could add these weapons (with reason in brackets):
    • Bio Rifle (good for covering whole hallways with Tarydium slime)
    • Flak Cannon (good for close range combat and in small hallways because of its precision and the Flak Shell)
    • Shock Rifle (mighty in small weapons because of Shock Combos, useful for long distances but also to keep the enemy at distance with Shock Cores)
    • Rocket Launcher (good for some distance but not too much and not too less)
    • Minigun (always useful when used correctly)
    • Sniper Rifle -class called "Classic Sniper Rifle" / Lightning Gun -class called "Sniper Rifle" (maybe for outside and because these tunnels are quite long)

    I suggest to leave the Redeemer out because it would be a too mighty weapon in these small corridors and rooms.

    EDIT: Nice design. Very original. But is the performance good? There are a lot of details.

    EDIT2: Did you make sure that you can't leave the map or take shortcuts with the Translocator by shooting it over the mountain for example?


      I have not tested the performace alot yet, so far I have not had a lot of lag. I havent tested it over the net on different PCs yet. I also havent Zoned it yet I am hoping that Zoning and optimizing will take care of any lag. My PC isn't that great and has not had any problems yet. so I Hope that it isn't an issue.

      Yes so far the Edges of the map are blocked by volumes from translocating. I am not sure I want to keep them from going over the mountain yet. Although I suppose I could. Currently though the Translocater only makes it to the top of the mountain in one shot. Great suggestions ! Thanks for the Feedback Sly! I really Appriciate it.


        No big deal
        You should always zone your map when you build the basic BSP When you are in a zone where you can't see any other zone only this one will be loaded which increases fps a lot. If you have a big indoor map most of the parts -visible or not- will be loaded. That decreases fps
        I guess it would be better to take care of zoning before you move on to bot pathing and weapon placement. Also you should try to add blocking volumes which block only the class xPawn where many details are. When you try to walldodge from a detailled wall for example you can get stuck. A good example are UT3's stock maps. Horrible for 2k4 players. I always want to walldodge but get stuck at pipes and all this s***! Even while dodging I get stuck at the floor! That makes me really angry!
        But well it's not always necessary. Only where many details are should be blocking volumes and in 2k4 it's not such a big issue as in 3.

        PS: You can make fancy sound effects with zones.


          Looks like your map is getting off to a good start, the interiors look fairly nice although lighting needs a lot of attention. For the exterior, you need to be careful of making steep terrain, especially canyons, valleys and mesas. First of all it looks bad (in general) but the main problem it is fairly easy to glitch through and get under the map, especially when next to BSP. Making your canyon with static meshes is the typical procedure, although it's also possible to use blocking volumes to reinforce terrain. A kill volume under the map also helps prevent abuse.

          You'll still want blocking volumes with a lot of your meshes too to prevent players or vehicles from getting stuck on or inside of them. (p.s. don't assume people won't do weird things with your map like use vehicles or low gravity. )


            Thanks for the advice Jefe. I will take these tips into consideration.


              Well, don't forget to check every corner of your map for BSP holes (they are not always visible)
              Even if you think "nah there are no holes". I have been working on a map once (it was only a subtracted cube which should be connected with another subtracted cube -nothing else! I just started with it) and then I wanted to connect these two rooms (they were on the grid) with a hallway shaped (with the 2D shape editor) like those in Arcane Temple from UT99. Hole. I died without any reason. I rebuilt it several times. I had to convert this hallways into a static mesh to get rid of the hole.


                I'll just throw some general tips your way off the top of my head. Assuming it's a DM map...
                • Know first that xWeaponBases,UdamagePickups, and all other pickup bases are navigation points like that behave much like a path node. You do not need to use ridiculous amounts of path nodes. You just need to connect weapon bases to one another with them. Not only does this make the pathing less time consuming and annoying, the bots actualy like it better. They are more likely to dodge and dodge-jump throughout the map with this method. Sometimes an "extra" path node here or there is required for bots to be able to traverse the map fully. You can look at how I path maps in UCBP in my sig for examples.

                • For Powerups such as the uDamage, SuperShield, redeemer and so on, it is best to at least aim for a risk/reward type of set up. For example, set the uDamage pickup (reward) near a pool of Lava that is fairly easy to fall into thus creating your risk. If you cannot get something like this going it's best to place pickups where all players can find them. Like uDamage in the "center" of the map--like in DM-Rankin for example.

                • Hitscan weapons (Shock Rifle, Lightning Gun, MiniGun)

                  These guys can really make gameplay annoying if they are not placed well. Never over saaurate a map with any of these weapons in particular (or any other). Usually you are not going to need more than 1 pickup for each weapon in your map. If I remember correctly,that's 11 xWeaponBases in a DM map. The Lightning Gun and Shock Rifle have to be managed and thought about more than any of the other weapons. A general rule of thumb is to put the Lightning Gun in a "sniper nest" spot. This is not a camping spot, but the logical "sniper spot" in the level. Like in DM-Deck_17. The first time you play that map ever, you kind of seem to just know where the sniper rifle is. Never put a ClassicSniperRifle and a LightiningGun in the same map. It sux and players hate that usually. The Shock Rifle needs to be treated kind of like the uDamage. It should ideally be in a somewhat centralized area of the map where most players travel, not hidden back of a room somewhere for advanced players to snatch and novice players to never find.

                • Ammo pickups have to be "balanced". Too many ammo pickups can make a level into essentially a "god mode" map where you do not have to worry about ammo at all. Too few ammo pickups,and players are constantly running out of ammo with all their weapons, getting annoyed, and gameplay is slowed down and boring. At the same time, you want people to have a need to collect ammo, but not to the point of being ridiculous. Look at the stock maps for examples on how to do this. Usally no more than 2-3 ammo pickups per weapon, per level.

                • Usually put the Rocket Launcher on a upper floor makes it seem cooler to me..just a personal thing.

                • Don't forget health vials and adrenaline

                • Build Options set to lightbuild=RGBA8

                • Could jumpads make the level more fun--especially for "weapon collection"?

                • Don't try anything super innovative or crazy when just starting out with level design etc. Stick to the format. (looks like you've done that)

                • xWeaponBase tips:
                  Default mesh for them suck. You can select a better one in 2k4Chargers.usx using the static mesh browser . Use that mesh by selecting the xWeaponBase and then choosing display>Static mesh and set it to use the WeaponBase mesh in that package. It is the default static mesh package opened when you first start the editor. You can also set display>bStaticLighting=True if you so desire. It makes them not look washed out..just a personal thing.

                Looking at your screens I see a few things. I would totally change the sky. Copy one from a stock map It'll be fine. Just choose one you think fits the theme fo your map well. I've seen many maps go from drab and boring to SUPER KEWL and atmosphereic with a simple change in the sky. It's huge in my opinion.

                BR-Bifrost bases may strike your fancy

                Snow texture on the ground in the 3rd to the last screen needs to be re-aligned a good bit.