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Domination VS double Domination?

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    Domination VS double Domination?

    It seems both UT2k3 and 2k4 are including double domination but what about domination mode from UT. I find it far more enjoyable than double domination which can turn into endless stalemates and is generally very frustrating.

    Domination is a continous stream of points allowing any team to win in reasonable time. But of course you all knew this.

    So does anyone else here feel the same way that Domination is more fun than double domination? Why don't the game designers just include both.

    Even if they just included it at the last moment I'm sure it would get plenty of map making support from the community.

    CLassic DOmination is IMO much better, as it was a continous match like Soccer not round based like Footbal (1st down and 10, 2nd down and ten).

    DOn't get me wrong, I am not bashing Foortball and I simplified here.

    But I like the change of tactics without a round break. It was so much fun when you looked at your score, looked at the enmies score, calculated the rough ratio and had to adapt you tactics and stuff.

    I hope it will come back. Either in a Bonuspack or a Hi-Quality Community Pack


      Double dominations is so frustrating particularly with some of those maps in UT2k3 where the enemy can drop in on you from almost any direction making the points impossible to defend. You could stand in a safe place but then the opponant will jump straight on point non-stop.

      Or stand ontop of the point and become a sitting duck hmm tough decision......


        Double Domination, IMO, is a much better spectator sport than Domination is. In fact, for people watching, DDom can be very interesting indeed. However, it doesn't play very well because it can be almost impossible to score against an equally adept opponent, which as mentioned can lead to massive stalemates and unending frustration.

        I'm not sure how I would fix that though.


          DDOM is great!

          I realy never liked the original Domination mode in UT at all. UT2003's Double Domination, on the other hand, rocks hard!

          And as I don't like a diverged UT community I vote for DDOM only, not both modes.

          Leave the original Domination for the mod community and the die hard fans. I hope the rest of the crowd wanna stick to DDOM.


            Yeah bring back Domination. Please.


              They should have both then everyone's happy :up:


                I prefer original DOM, but like to play both.
                The size of the ut2k3 maps makes DDOM less spammy and more skilful.
                Judging by the amount of populated servers tho, it seems DDOM hasn't taken off that well, when compared to dm and ctf. Shame really.
                Wouldn't orig DOM for ut2k4 be nice tho?


                  DOM always, **** a DDom, its boring to play, CTF without aflag, boring to watch cause nobody will ever score, and its not in the direction that ut04 is going. Dom would of fit in much better, cause it would of been about how the best team could operate without being connected.

                  ANd right now, there are more populated Dom servers (9) than DDom servers (0)


                    I prefer DDOM, by comparison to DOM it is a real gametype now. I would see DOM 'just' as a variation of TDM. However there´s already the DOM mutator and as far as I know some guys are working on converting the UT-DOM maps.

                    DDOM suffered from the lack of good maps. We only got 3 (4 if you like low grav) good maps and one good custom map (DOM-MayaRuins).


                      Re: Domination VS double Domination?

                      Originally posted by Kaboth

                      So does anyone else here feel the same way that Domination is more fun than double domination?
                      I agree wholeheartedly, DOM in UT was superb, much better than UT2003 DOM. Having 3 control points meant for some frenetic games but I find 2 control points in UT2003 plain boring.


                        as I said in some other thread...

                        UT DOM is getting more and more popular.. on clanbase last DOM season: 46 signups or so, this season 60 clan signups

                        the thing is..

                        DOM (and DDOM as well actually) are not really suited for public games. You really need teams that know what they are doing and have a steady position instead of walking around)

                        shame its impossible to use DDOM maps for DOM maps (as DOM has three control points)


                          I always preferred UT DOM, if only because the number of control points was variable (most maps had 3 but it wasn't a fixed limit, I played custom maps with four or even five). But I think UT2004 will be fine with DDOM - for the UT DOM fans, it should be possible to create small, vehicle-free Onslaught maps which have similar gameplay to UT DOM.


                            The two gametypes are hardly comparible... however, when I do compare them, I must say the gameplay mechanics of DDOM are marginally better than DOM.
                            tbh, I have absolutely no idea what fuegerstef means by round-based. DDOM is more like Soccer than DOM, in that you only score every now and then, which makes it a LOT more exciting than DOM.
                            DOM vs DDOM is like "Oh, bloody hell, we're losing" vs "Must... save... must get to... control point... NOOOOOOOOO!"


                              Original still rocks the new :up: