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Domination VS double Domination?

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    I think as a gametype DDOM works better.
    'classic' DOM became impossible to win situations if the enemy had possession of the dom-points for a certain amount of time.
    Never mind that there was no real defense/attack-strategy. Just hit and run ...


      id like both of them in ut2004 tbh =)
      they brought back assault, why not domination too =0


        Originally posted by Jupe@work
        UT99 Dom.

        If you've ever been in a 250 point match, where both teams were within 10 points of each other from start to finish, you know what I mean. DDOM never had that kind of sustained intensity for me.

        Cinder > *
        Guess that means I'd better pick Cinder for our challenge today :erm:

        Anyways, DOM rocks for the reason's crazy, it's chaotic, and you don't necessarily have to be the best fragging team to win matches. :up:


          Yes Jupe. Reg good ol UT Dom rocks! :up: It remains my first love.
          The smaller maps and close-quarters combat of reg Dom just cannot be beat. Best "domination" is still original UT Dom.

          But 2k3 DDom can be fun. I've had some pretty intense DDom matches in the battles for that last point, tho usually on the smaller maps. Most maps are just too big and convoluted to get to the CP's quickly. Lack of action on the 2k3/DDom ladders shows something ain't right.

          Suggested improvements? -- Enable the tranny and add mid-map respawn spots on the larger maps. That might be a good start.
          2k4 should include BOTH versions in the final release -- that way, gamers would have a choice.


          (If it moves, shoot it. If it doesn't move, shoot it anyway.)


            DDOM is much better as the original version,i played that very much in ut2003 and still would be playing it if there where any populated servers left.:cry:


              original dom was much better.

              except when jupe stoled my control pwants cause he's a hoambo


                Originally posted by lunchblaze
                original dom was much better.

                except when jupe stoled my control pwants cause he's a hoambo


                  UT Dom Rocks!

                  The original DOM as far as I am concerned was MUCH more fun!

                  The eye candy in 2k3 DDom is nice and all, but when it comes to intensity of game play UT Dom is superior.

                  The maps on DDom are for the most part too large. Players are hard to see and the spawn areas seem like miles away from the CPs.


                    Domination is way better than DD for intensity, strategy and fun.

                    People saying it's just running around in circles to tag CP's and run, never played Domination correctly. No wonder you didn't like it.

                    Plus Domination servers, unlike DD servers aren't deserted, even after all these years. True the numbers aren't great but they beat 0. So if the Mod is brought back I can assure you it will be played TONS more than DD ever was.



                      VDOM. Vehecular Domination. Basically a ddom map with vehecules spawned at either team's side.


                        Give us classic DOM >:o


                          Classic Dom was much better...


                            I want the original Domination back.


                              DDom was sometimes fun in the right setting. It was horrible on pubs because there was either so many noobs running around not knowing what the heck to do, or there was just so many people period it was near impossible to score, since a count is broken simply by touching a control point, and with some of the maps designed the way they were it was just insane how many routes into a CP room there were. Sure camping one hallway sucks but how are you supposed to cover hallways and entrances from the ceiling. (e.g. DOM-Core) Anyways when it comes to action, fun, and 'edge of your seatness':

                              regular DOM takes the cake.


                                I'm a believer in compromise. There's no reason DOM and DDOM can't both be in UT2k4. I think the mod community should make a DOM mod that is true to the classic gametype. And if there is one out already, we should support it.