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Frag Ops revival!

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    Frag Ops revival!

    Hey everyone

    I am currently trying to gather as much Frag.Ops players as possible. This mod was so fun and addictive. We currently have a dedicated server (located on the East Coast of USA) and I've been contacting people all around on different forums and groups to come play this mod. We have Ektophase (one of the developers) who plays with us.

    We play version 2.2 and our server is called "Mr.Pig's House of Bacon" (I'm not Mr.Pig btw ). We managed to find a lot of the classic maps from previous versions or popular custom maps (007stack, ProjectMayhem for instance, and we have the classics like Backdoor).

    Please add me on Xfire: tapette6000 or on MSN: so we can set up matches more effectively (or well, just to contact each other when we want to play basically lol)

    Also make sure to tell others to join too!!

    If you don't know anything about this mod, well here are some explanations and features (skip it if you already know the mod):

    Frag Ops used to be a really popular mod (they claim they were the most played mod back in UT2003 and second most played in UT2004). The theme and the gameplay of the mod is really close to Counter Strike. So its two teams against each other, with objectives for one of those (and the other one defends), and you buy weapons and equipment at your spawn. But what makes it very different is the variety of the weapons and the equipment, and the recoil system (your weapon always shoot directly where your crosshair is, but the recoil is simulated by moving your weapon up and down: it doesn't look like its much difference but it actually makes it a lot more enjoyable and much less random). There are also traits, which give various bonuses and downsides (for example: Rambo. More speed, more damage, but less armor. Or ninja. More melee damage, less footstep sound, but less damage with weapons). It also takes a lot of shots before killing someone (it's almost impossible to two shot, or even three shots, or maybe 4 shots someone), so its less frustrating than the other games. There are other features too, and I can tell its usually a enjoyable experience for everyone.

    Anyway, if you are ever interested in playing again, it's definitely the time, especially with our new server and the old maps

    Remember to pick Frag Ops version 2.2 ( and also remember that you can find me on Xfire as tapette6000 (horrible name) and on MSN as!

    I really hope to meet you all on Frag Ops!!!

    Very good job, i've been waiting for this! Tomorrow im gonna download this again.


      Please make sure to add me on Xfire or MSN to tell me if you wanna play. The server will most probably be empty for the moment if you go directly to it, but if you tell me you want to play beforehand, well I can try to contact the others.


        Added you to xfire


          We have set some North American play times for this August so that people can plan ahead and we can fill up the server.

          More info at the FO website

          Play times thread