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Community Tournament - UPDATED!

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    Community Tournament - UPDATED!

    I was thinking that we all could make a match, deathcmatch or something.

    It would be something like, I make a post and tell you what time it was when In posed it, and you see what time it was there when I posted it, then you see how many hours it is of diffrence. then someone would say when the match would be(in his country), and everyone would see when it would be for them(theirs contry). Also, it would be necessary to tell wich name the server would have, and give it a password, and so on(password, so only the community plays ).

    I know that this wouldn't be very good for some people, because it could be 1:00 am for him and it was time for the match, so please don't shout that on me, it is just an idea that I am charing, so we can have some fun.

    Update[15-3-2011(Date of when this post was updated)]
    (Date format: Month-Day-Year)
    Tournament most probable date:
    8th, April 2011
    "13UTC-08(America/Los Angeles) - 16UTC-05(America/New York) - 20UTC+00(Portugal/Lisbon) - 21UTC+01(Germany/Berlin)"

    You don't need to download these, but it is recomended that you to do so.
    List of the essential files:

    Anyone that wants to join or something else:
    -Reply to this thread saying "I will join" or something similar.

    -Everyone can join.
    -We will be using a program called Hamachi(c).
    -For more info, please reply to this thread your question.

    Come participate in our next community tournament

    AWESOME IDEA! I had exactly the same idea (a month ago) but I was just too lazy to post it. I thought about a match on ONS-Torlan with 64 people, reserved for the community of course. But the problem is, who would let only us play on a server and especially how can we have more than 32 players? (Is there such a server, can't remember if I've seen such servers with 32 players ONS-Torlan, is there someone who has an ONS-server in our community??)
    Without timeout of course!
    Of course on a Friday then. This way most of us could play for long because of weekend.

    I would join your server with Suspense FOR SURE! Am a great Suspense fan!! But then you could disable double jump (with mutator) and change the gravity (with mutator) so that it is more like in UT3 for more UT3 feel (only if the community agrees).

    What does the community think? He posted exactly what I think and what should have been done already a month ago (but as I said, was too lazy to create such a thread )


      i also had this idea like a month ago, but i didn't wanted to creat a new thread

      also, I oudl like to know what is the gravity value for UT2004, that will simulat UT3's gravity and I would like a mutator to make it no double jump.(I could modify the quad jump mutator, but I am to lazy

      why 64 players? o0 I think 32 are enough

      Also, we could allways play UT3, that way, we would have UT3 felling xD and I would have that amazing sniper rifle, even with Ut3Style mutators, it doesn't gets the same, but it gets close

      Also, i would like to know what kind of player you are(I am talking to eery one ), like if you are a sniper(100GPing100, a better sniper in CS and in Ut3 than in UT20004 xD), a rocket scientist(I a a rocket scientist sometimes, but I like more the UT3 rocket lancher ), or even a bioazard(GreatEmeral i think)...

      Also, I don't think that UT3 isn't a goood game, I started to play more often UT3 and with some tweaks, it gets very good, you can disable mouse smothing in ut3, set the mouse speed o half in the windows settings and untick the improve mouse movement box, and then install cplmousefix, and if your computer isn't so good, you can play it windowned and stilll have good graphics without laggy mouse (just saying, don't kill me for this xD). Still UT99 is almost the best one to make headshots, for me(my opinion, don't kill me!) UT3 is in first+lace for headshot, then in second UT99 and then in 3rd UT2004(remmember, don't kill me!)

      Also, in UT2004 disable weapon bob and select the sniper rifle, you will fell like a ghost xD

      (don't kill me for this post, it is just my opinion, I respect yours )

      "any shot you hear is nohing to be worried about."


        Nobody will kill you Not here, but maybe at the UT3 forum We are the most polite community (remember the "Why do you like the UT2004 community?" thread )

        I'm more offense and play CTF. Jumping around with Sniper Rifle and Shock Rifle. Like to shombo some people
        ONS is also something I'm good at. I have teamwork, you can always rely on me and I can inform you always about the situation in the enemy base. *mad laughing* Don't ask why! *hiding Sniper Rifle*
        And I can't play TAM, DM or something like that (at least not in UT2004). I'm more a (v)CTF and ONS player. I like team based (slow) matches where fragging is not as important

        BTW I think Invasion could be quite funny with the whole community

        PS: This should be a sticky thread IMHO

        PPS: Not to self: I use too many smileys, should reduce them


          Two days ago, when I was playing UT2004, I thought it would be awesome to play against some of you. I was planning on starting a thread about this, but 100GPing100 beat me to it.

          I can only play UT99 and UT2004, UT3 has too high requirements (have to upgrade my pc sometime).

          PS.: I'm having some issues with my internet connection, but those should be gone by tomorrow.


            Great! Another person who would like to play a match with the community members
            What do you play? ONS, CTF, DM, TAM...?


              I mostly play DM and ONS, sometimes Invasion. I always get lost in CTF or BR.


                Not when I cover you *mad laughing*

                Played too much Instant Action over the last weeks. Am really bad when I play with a ping of 60 LOL always miss the head because of my ping :/ The opposite of what I do in Instant Action: I get headshots there
                I guess now I have to play more on servers


                  I'm mostly playing Instant Action as well, but when I'm playing ONS my pc always lags a little. Right now I'm trying to figure out what's causing this.

                  I once thought it would be fun to play DM with 20 players in DM-Gael.
                  Well I was wrong...


                    I thought the same of my Morbias remake In instant action it is a pretty nice frag-fest. I wonder how it would be with 32 players... and the 'deemer...
                    Well, what would you like to play with the community then?


                      I'd prefer ONS, DM or Invasion, because I'm most familiar with those. But I'm lately starting to play CTF and BR as well.
                      I don't have any VCTF maps yet. Where can I download those?


                        Check out the User Maps & Mods section. Just type into the Forum search funcion "vCTF" (without ") and you'll find some quite nice maps. Also Darkemule makes mainly vCTF maps. Check out his maps as well and 100GPing100 has been working on vCTF-ToxicBridge but he stopped working on it (beta not available, still alpha state) because he helps FewPosts and Emerald with their mutators AFAIK (correct me if I'm wrong).
                        You must download Suspense2k4 !! The best vCTF I've ever played (UT3 map remake) Good Night


                          Thanks. I'll go and play VCTF for a while now.
                          And a good night to you too! *Salutes*

                          This is just my opinion, but I think it would be quite awesome if these 'Community Tournaments' would be held on a regular basis. Say, once a month, or maybe even once a week.


                            I'm mostly a Flak Master. But my favourite gametypes are ONS and VCTF, large open areas and vehicles are win.
                            In theory it could work, but remember that timezones are a major showstopper.


                              I play mostly, if not only, VCTF, vehicles ftw. Favourite gun.. mmm deemer no discussion x_X

                              Originally posted by Blaargh View Post
                              I don't have any VCTF maps yet. Where can I download those?
                              There are many VCTF maps in this page, the firsts are mine ^^