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Community Tournament - UPDATED!

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    I don't really have a preference for maps or mutators. I also don't have an xfire account, but if you want I can go and register one.
    Right now I'm still downloading the files mentioned in the first post of this thread. When will the server be up?

    EDIT: The link for AS-Confexia is down.


      Well, the gravity adjustment mutator is not needed because it was meant to be played with the UT3 style mutator (that doesn't work online *sad face* ). You can skip those two for the CT.
      I'm also downloading all the neccessary stuff right now, e.g. all the Community Bonus Packs (just in case) and AS-Confexia (I hope I will be able to find it, the ยง&"@=! BU website seems to lose more and more UT2004 files! First the whole Fraghouse mod team's website with all the downloads like the Fraghouse Ripper and SPFrame and now even some of the essential files)

      Don't forget about the UC Bonus Pack!


        Fixed the links and added the Community Bonus Pack 1.

        I am getting ill, but I'll use every means to participate tomorrow.

        Also, Sly. maybe PMs should be sent today.


          I have XFire. And I don't have Hamachi. So I hope you can simply stop being lazy and just forward the ports


            I'm not sure if it is possible to connect to a server that runs through hamachi because it is a private network (like fake-LAN).
            Would be a pity if you couldn't participate because of this


              Hamachi is a program that will create someking of a LAN network using the internet. These LAN network are password protected.

              Hamachi can be downloaded here: (direct link)

              After downloading Hamachi, intall it. After installing, open it and create an account (Simple creation, its only for a network name). After creating the account, go to System>Preferences, once there, set 'Encriptation' to 'Any' and 'Compression' to 'Any'.

              To join a network go to "Network>Join an existing network..." there enter the network ID, password and press 'Join'.

              To create a network, go to "Network><Creat a new network...", there enter an ID for the network and a password, after that press 'Create'.

              That is all I think, any questions, just ask.


                Originally posted by Sly. View Post
                Wow, then it is quite possible that you will be able to participate on Friday, isn't it?
                Is that April 8 (tomorrow) or another Friday? Either day, yeah I'll participate .


                  It is today. You can see what time it starts in the first post of this thread.
                  I'm glad to hear you are able to join after all.


                    Happy to know you can join. It is this Friday, today.


                      Sorry guys, I made a mistake on the time, German time should be 21:00 (9PM) and not 22:00 (10PM)


                        I have some suggestions for maps, two of them are CTF-Avali and CTF-NyLeve2
                        Download links coming soon..
                        Will be added to server too so you can vote for them if you like.
                        Any other suggestions from your side?

                        Please give a clear answer who will participate now so that I can send the PMs with password, information and download links.
                        I'll send a PM to Flak too, just in case she finds some time and would like to hop in.


                          I'll join.


                            Ok, I will try. Though I am not reliable about the time when it comes to community tournaments. :/


                              Ok, got you two on the list

                              Btw, here are the download links:
                              In the readme it is said that there are small changes andd little additions, didn't discover any changes ingame though (or maybe I didn't look carefully enough). I have all three of them so I recommend to download them as well if you want to play it. It's a great map!
                              CTF-NyLeve2, also an awesome tribute to Unreal. A must have, will be on the server so you can vote for it. Any other suggestions?

                              Don't forget to update your UT2004 installation to the latest patch and install all CBPs and the UCBP

                              PS: And don't forget to install (vehicle) Assassin if you don't have it (anymore). A nice gametype.


                                PMs sent, check your PM box.

                                Btw, Assassin doesn't show up in my browser, seems like I made a mistake and the time is running out so I guess we won't play it then *sigh*
                                Same goes for the UC weapons. The maps are all fine but the weapon mutator doesn't show up in the browser.
                                But at least the Nostalgic(2006C) mutator (UT99 style mutator) seems to work well.

                                I'm hosting a dedicated server since we don't have a server so if we want to change the gametype I'll have to close the server. I'm sorry for that, I'm not used to hosting

                                Once again, I'm very sorry for these circumstances...