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new posts needs help :)

    Hey guys i am currently working on the UT3 section of myself
    mostly and i don't really have time to do the other sections.

    Is there anyone willing to help me add new maps to the ut2004 section of

    It's quite simple what you have to do:
    - re-zip maps with a game-maps comment added
    - take a screenshot of the map if one isn't supplied
    - make a thumbnail of the screenshot 125x100
    - upload the zip, screenshot and thumbnail to ftp server
    - add the file to the database

    If anyone is interested in helping out please drop me a PM or come on in channel #mp-gaming

    Our UT3 section is probably the richest on the net currently, i would like to
    see our UT2004 section becoming like that too

    Greetz zunnie

    I'll be sure to upload to your site upon completeion of a big 2k4 project


      Well i need people to help maintain the database, submitting files on the forums don't add them to the database.
      A staff member will have to download it from forum, rezip it etc. and add it to the db then.


        Oh I see. I know some guys into doing that. I'll point them to this thread. My time is too sepnt up making the maps and stuff


          Yep i understand not many people have time for this
          I am tied up maintaining the UT3 section pretty much.
          I seldomly add maps to the UT2004 atm.. i sometimes do but.. would be nice if
          someone else could look at that


            Stop by my clans site and copy your first post into a thread. Chances are high one of my teamates (a few of them possibly) will help


            We're a big group and we have several members that could host their own map sites they have so much stuff,a nd much of it is not anywhere else, and it's QUALITY stuff. Very crazy what some of my clan mates have.


              What about the "range" of the site? Is it only about doing this stuff for maps submitted in your forum, or does it include searching maps in other forums / on public servers / on other known map upload websites?


                I would scout the whole net for maps and add them to the db


                  The whole net sounds a bit too much if you think of all the small communities and their forums.

                  Some mappers create or modify maps only for their own particular server without having the intention to publish the map (but they provide a DL-link for their regular players in their forum). What would you do in such a case when you can't clearly say whether a map is for public or private use?

                  I have some maps on my HDD from some servers, but if you google them, you won't find any entry or link to that map.

                  And what about Beta-maps? Are you adding them too? How would you keep track of newer versions?


                    I only add Finals myself from whatever site i can find that has new UT2004 maps.
                    Most that are in the UT2004 category are what i added so far.