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Shift combinations bindable?

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    It is possible, but the engine doesn't support it natively. Actually, the only engine i've ever seen to support shift/metabinds is the Dark Engine (Thief & System Shock - once again, WAY ahead of their time).

    In UT2003, well basically it involves using aliases and rebinding keys on the fly. Because of that its not foolproof, and can sometimes cause your computer to hiccup the first time you use it. But it can be done.

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  • started a topic Shift combinations bindable?

    Shift combinations bindable?

    I was wondering if it's possible to bind keys to be used in conjunction with the shift key in UT2004?
    Like for example if I press both shift and Q it will bring up my rocket launcher, if I press only Q it will bring up flak.
    If it isn't in it would be a welcome addition IMO.