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just some questions plz help

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    just some questions plz help

    ok hello community

    I been clanning and playing games and UT for prolly 3 yrs and +
    I Dled the demo love it, dont think I wanted to play anything but that since. me and some friends decided lets do it up and start a group get prepared for the release and go all out and have some fun, lans etc.. big keg party's with midgets ya know anyway.. lol

    Just wondering some places to go to really keep up on info such as:
    Recruiting forums
    news forums
    what would be good choice for good league play
    tips and tricks

    also wondered do ppl make up scripts for controls etc.. never got to in depth with UT to know if they did or not but im interested to know whats what.

    Im kind of new but not newbish so I got some good ideas and things like that just figured some of the vets could maybe lend some info and help me out little.

    much apreciation



      This is the place.

      Things are pretty fast and furious here right now, and it's hard to actually find what your looking for because search is currently disabled ...

      ... actually it's back on it seems.

      This IS the place...

      ... use search... ask specific questions. Welcome.


        what are you talking about?