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Nvidia 56.55 drivers out!

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    I just finished UT2003 testing, and found these drivers to be slower than the 53.06 set, when not using AA or AF.

    They were faster, once again, with 2XQ AA / 2x AF than the 53.06. I guess that if you don't use AA or AF, and the performance graph isn't important, stick to th 53.06 for now.

    One thing that I did notice is that you should NOT override the game. If the game allow setting a function, make sure that the driver is set to auto, or by application. Failure to do so cost me just over 3 FPS in UT2003, DM Inferno, 3 minute benchmark with 16 bots. That's a serious hit for set and forget driver settings. Maybe that's why they have the customizeable game puldown menu. On a positive note. I did not experience one crash with these drivers, even at sick speeds. The 53.06 driver still gave the occaissional crash at the limit, whereas the 56.55 drivers did not crash at the same level, in three hours total gameplay at system limits.

    Once again, stick with 53.06 till this is worked out.


      Gimme StarStorm Drivers anyday! Unless someone can give me the best performance Drivers for the TI4200....


        Give me drivers for my Voodo card!


          Re: s

          Originally posted by Beliavski
          Acording to an email sent from nvidia to one of the guys from forum. The new unofficial drivers have a known bugg that causes UT2004 Demo to performe alot worse then expected..This issues is offcourse beeing adresed...but atm dont install the driver..
          Yes, I saw that too. To my suprise UT2004 benches with 53.04 and 55.65 gave almost identical results with a little favor toward 55.65. I use GeForce4 4200Go btw.


            For speed, 53.06 still tops the list. It has better visuals than the StarSuck drivers, and is faster than the 53.03. It isn't as stable as the 55.65, but the extra speed lets me turn doen the wick just enough to make it worthwhile.

            Did anyone else notice the good gains when using the 55.65 and AA / AF?


              I haven't actually noticed any real differance in performance, really.