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    Pro Configs

    I've been looking at configs and really thinking about mine I redid mine today and am getting used to it, I can reach more weapons quicker and without lifting my fingers from my movement keys. Any stradegies you use for writing your config.

    Here's mine (the immportant stuff)

    E=SwitchWeapon 3
    Q=SwitchWeapon 2
    Alt=SwitchWeapon 7
    Ctrl=SwitchWeapon 5
    Shift=SwitchWeapon 9
    MiddleMouse=SwitchWeapon 6
    MouseWheelDown=SwitchWeapon 8
    MouseWheelUp=SwitchWeapon 4
    Mouse4=SwitchWeapon 1

    I use a MS Explorer 3, so I have two buttons on my thumb, but I find that when I used the mouse5 I have to kinda twitch my hand to stretch my thumb to the button and that throws off my accuracy. So I only use mouse4, mousewheeldown, mousewheelup, and mouse1/2/3.

    q = strafe left
    w = forward
    e = strafe right
    s = backwards
    f and middle mouse forward = next weapon
    middle mouse back = previous weapon
    middle mouse down = use
    left click = primary
    right click = secondary
    1 = trans
    a and d fav weapons
    2-0 = weapons default
    c =croutch

    i use this setting in everygame
    for ut i have weapons bound close to movment
    1 and 4=trans and super shock rifle,its really easy to use with my movment keys, Im a instagiber

    I recomend not putting alot of binds on the mouse,rather use all movement and weapon keybind on the keyboard
    Its best to use mouse for aim and shoot only imo some people will disagree
    Like what your doing with complex binds on your mouse will take precision and thought out of your aim,its like having to aim and work on a rubix cube in one hand.
    Instead make your weapons binds on your movment hand and be sure you can move and pick your weapon at the same time without stressing your fingers out
    This is coming from a instagib thought,normal weapons you can be a little sloppy and get away with it

    It all boils down to whats you like,you just have to get 1 and stick with it-get use to it.


      ut2k3 = pro
      ut2k4 = less pro

      Now with a good config you dont take the "advantage" , the weapon you have , the weapon you kill.
      100 Shield = worthless , its gone in 1 sec :up:
      wait! and now i cant get my 50+ :down:
      so its more easy.

      glad ons is good:up:


      About your config, try to ajust to your own, it will be rewarded in your future


        Originally posted by :.Agers
        ut2k3 = pro
        ut2k4 = less pro

        Now with a good config you dont take the "advantage" , the weapon you have , the weapon you kill.
        100 Shield = worthless , its gone in 1 sec :up:
        wait! and now i cant get my 50+ :down:

        glad ons is good:up:


          haha,you **** binders,im glad that fast weapons switching is gone
          makes it ALOT more fair


            Originally posted by Happy_Hamburger
            Hehe, I needed to take off some weight of my litle washed brain


              Originally posted by .:i:.
              haha,you **** binders,im glad that fast weapons switching is gone
              makes it ALOT more fair
              Well no fun in that.
              Why we dont take out the shields ?
              Ho and of corse, is fun!:bulb:


                yes,the shields gone would make 2k4 even better:up:


                  Originally posted by .:i:.
                  yes,the shields gone would make 2k4 even better:up:
                  Giber ?


                    Originally posted by .:i:.
                    haha,you **** binders,im glad that fast weapons switching is gone
                    makes it ALOT more fair
                    I agree with you that key binding is pretty gey but i don't thing removing weapon switch is a good idea, It slow the game speed and remove the advantage that you could get by mastering it.


                      Thanks for all the replies, I liked tryin them out but I really want to know WHY they're a good config to use

                      My current config lets me continue to dodge jump and fly around and switch weapons all at the same time since my movement fingers do not switch weapons, only move me.

                      From left to right
                      My left hand (Keyboard):

                      pinky = Lightning Gun / Link (shift/crtl)
                      ring = strafe left / assault (A/Q)
                      middle = move Forward / move backwards (W/S)
                      index = Strafe right / BIO (D/E)
                      thumb = Flak / Jump (Alt/Space)

                      My right Hand (Mouse):
                      Thumb = Sheild (mouse 4)
                      Index = Fire / Shock / Rocket / Mini (m1 / mwheelup / mwheeldown / m3)
                      ring = Alt Fire (m2)

                      That's it.

                      So with this, I can do all my movements and trick jumps with my left ring/middle/index fingers and switch to most of my weapons at the same time. (execpt assault/bio q/e, which I don't use often in fire fights, at least fight combos)

                      Also, with certain weapons on my mouse and others on my left pinky and thumb I can switch between 2 different weapons almost immeatitaly.
                      Shock = mwheelup/Rindex THEN flack = ALT/LThumb THEN Lightning Gun = Shift/LPinky

                      It's much easier and faster to press:
                      mwheelup / m1 / alt / m1 / shift / m1
                      Shock / fire / Flak / fire / Lightning Gun / fire
                      Using different fingers for each command.
                      Than to use the same finger for multiple commands in order.

                      Thanks, really what I want to know is why you're config is more effeciant than the next persons.

                      Not what config you use, everyone has their own personal prefrence, i want to know what works.


                        Originally posted by D-Z
                        No, it deprives good players from getting better, whilst trapping noobs at n00b stage.

                        Seems this is what Epic want: to eradicate every 'pro' or wannabe competitive gamer out there.

                        Latest trick is to rob us of the set xxx command online (in the full ver. of UT2004).
                        God knows what else they have in store for us.
                        Then why did competitive gamers like UT99? Trust me there is a ton of stuff good players can do to do better than the noobs, maybe too many things. In ut2003, there was the weapon switching, the boost dodging, and the adrenaline which further helped the good players and made it less noob friendly, without the weapon switching, and the boost dodging it is much better for the noobs. Anyways in 2k4, the good players can always work on map control/knowledge, efficiency with each and every weapon, movement/dodging, aim...and all of these take tremendous practice, most of these you can always work on and always get better at.


                          (Config used in all the games I play)
                          Left Hand:

                          W=Last Weapon Used

                          Right Hand:

                          Mouse1 = Fire
                          Mouse2 = Alt Fire
                          MouseUP = Next Weapon
                          MouseDOWN = Previous Weapon
                          MouseClick = Use Microphone (well thats reserved, i'll start using it when I get the headset with the SE :up: )


                            F1=say "stfu!!!1"
                            E=say "I said stfu!!!111"
                            F=taunt asssmack
                            Q=taunt pthrust
                            U=teamsay "Don't make me look bad you §$#*!!!11"
                            W=taunt throatcut
                            Y=SwitchWeapon Goo-Gun
                            Alt=SwitchWeapon Deemer
                            Ctrl=SwitchWeapon Flak
                            Escape=SetName "James Bond"


                              F1=say "stfu!!!1"
                              E=say "I said stfu!!!111"
                              U=teamsay "Don't make me look bad you §$#*!!!11"