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<OT> Possible Speaker Problem - Please help!

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    <OT> Possible Speaker Problem - Please help!

    First, a bit of background information:
    I had some nice sounding Harmon Kardon speakers, but the subwoofer and right speaker stopped functioning properly, so I ditched them in favor of some nice new Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers.

    They worked wonderfully for about a week until that same problem with the right speaker resurfaced.

    The sound had a much lower volume out of the right speaker, so I unhooked and rehooked all of the plugs. The drastic problem went away, but I still notice that the sound out of the right speaker seems to be a bit duller and possibly contains less treble.

    It seems a bit hard to believe that my new, high quality speakers could so quickly develop the exact same problem as my old ones, so what could this be? Software settings? Sound card? Or just really bad luck?

    I would greatly appreciate any help, as this is driving me crazy.

    OS: Windows XP Home
    Sound Card: Creative Live! Value
    Drivers: Not sure exactly, but newest available from the site.

    I would say forget the hardware for a second, and think about <thunk, falls alseep on desk>

    <wakes up> software. what sound card? and what <thunk>

    <wakes up> sound card driver version? and maybe what OS? <thunk>


      I had the exact same problem with my speakers, got new ones, same problem

      dumped my SOUND BLASTER LIVE SOUND CARD used onboard sound, guess what no problems.

      sounds like the sound card kiddo, at least from my experience. if you have a good mobo (:weird: ) I would suggest disabling the SBlive, using the onboard sound, and see if the speakers are okay...

      then sell your old speakers on ebay....:up:


        Or buy an Audigy 2 Gamer sound card! Mwahahaha!!!

        Any other suggestions from other knowledgeable people?


          Audio connector gone bad on sound card (maybe a badly soldered joint, maybe it's just broken)? You can get all kinds of weird effects from that.