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Scorpion usefulness?

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    It's fun for tricks.


      Originally posted by Roma
      I think the Link gun is great. If you really want to hurt someone with it, dont bother with the ray. Just use the 'normal' fire mode. It might take you a while to learn how to aim it, but once you get it, you'll be thankfull.
      quite out of topic... we are tokin abt scors~


        i find the full charged shots pretty useless because they are bound to get stuck on the ground because of hills and ****

        i just click once so i get the least powered one but if you hit a few with that you can destroy eh... anything in a pretty fast time

        it looks useless but it sure isnt!


          The gun gives just about the same amount of damage no matter its charge, so a small burst thats well aimed can do some nasty damage if you can get a few shots off at a tank or a passing manta. One little burst is enough to destroy a manta or seriously damage a scorpion.

          It's practically useless against people though.


            Has anyone found a good way to take down infantry yet?
            I can totally demolish most vehicles, but I find myself running away from infantry with anything else than an assault rifle.


              Originally posted by Stu_Man
              scorpion = ultimate manta killer!
              Definitely :up:

              I do see it pass right through players on foot though...even on direct hits it seems. Its weird.

              I love going on a killing spree and getting double kills when i tie two manta together

              Also, kamekaze runs fully loaded into a tank or Hellbender is very effective

              - Tye


                Head to head the tank owns all so dont even try it.
                Actually if you can get in close enough with the Scorpion, the tank turret is too slow to track you, and you can just drive circles around it while blasting the **** out of it. Machinegunners can make this difficult, but the webgun does so much damage so fast that you've got a chance of surviving.

                The hard part is getting close enough. If you can ambush the tank from behind a hill, that works well.