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"special edition DVD? But I dont have a DVD drive!"

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    Originally posted by Panick
    Think about it this way: The SE version is $40, if you own UT2K3 then that's $10 off so $30. The Logitech headset that comes with the game costs $25 all by itself so I think that makes the SE a very good deal.
    Without a doubt. I am very happy it is coming like this, one of the best deals in a long while. Not to mention Battlefield Vietnam comes out the same day and is only $40. I like that trend.


      Originally posted by Critter1
      CD's are the standard right now. Maybe that will change in the future. They tried to make the move to DVD's two years ago and the masses rejected it.
      CD's are antiquated now. if you need 6 CD's to frelling play a game... that's too many and it's time to move to the new millenium.

      As for game price.... you CAN get the Special edition version DVD for 39.99 here at EB Games which is wierd becuase it's the same price they are charging for the regular version


        It's great that the DVD version is going to be the same cost as the CD version. With all the extra's the DVD has, its worth more than buying the CD version with all the extras.

        Besides, its about time the DVD haters upgrade their computers to the year 1998.