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Sniper Rifle does what??

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    Originally posted by Boksha elephant zig-zagging at 200mph behind a mountain...
    I would pay money to see that elephant. From a safe distance.

    I think they just need to alter where the smoke appears a little bit, so it appears *just* behind (or perhaps above) you - so it still contributes to giving away your position, but it's not enveloping your head so you can't see your next shot properly.


      i guess that when games get too realistic, teh fun factor will die.


        once the Zark mutator is brought over to 2k4 everything will be ok. our clan plays low grav zark and the rifle is awesome. Stop by (IP is shown on website for our game server) and have a look at what the rifle should be like


          In the other sniper rifle post, there is a command that is in the game for the classic sniper rifle. I hope EPIC listens and just adds a mutator.



            say you are in the time of ut2k4 and your wathing.. lets say... a... i forgot dem "football/BR wudever" matches and all you see is people runing up to the ball and PLAP! they die.. woulden't be much entertaining after a while would it?


            Would it be entertaning if that person running to the ball saw the smoke after a teamate got shot then fire a whirling 3 rocket w/ homing device and whatch the sniper run around like a idiot?:cry: :cry:

            I hope this makes sence.