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Favorite Vehicle? Reason?

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    Favorite Vehicle? Reason?

    Raptor . Deffinetly . Raptor
    ima old descent player so flying round with that is easy for me

    or maybe in full retail my fav is gonna be starfighter....
    I played Descent : Freespace ( Dog Fight Space Combat !!! )

    lets see...

    manta = fast....

    but overall...hellbender. I've become pretty good at switching weapons and using the #3 spot to wreak HAVOC on the bad guys!


      I drive just about everything. But I think I use the manta most because i just can't resist running ppl over, and it's most effective at it. So yeah mantas probably my fave. But it's pretty equal tho I like em all.


        Lol ur a roadkilling addict like me :P

        question : What in the hell is Fender Bender! ???


          manta is one of the most original vehicles ive seen thus far.

          not only are the physics ****.
          not only is the model itself cool.
          not only is it sweet to shoot, dash and run over people.
          not only can you actually carry several friendlies on the wings.

          but the ability to pop up and down, doing slick pancake moves and being VERY deadly with practice...

          my fav vehicle by far



            indimidation factor


              yea manta is my second fav for now (i love jumping around and cliping off heads) only thing is... ez to kill :bulb:

              still whats Fender Bender ?


                Scorp is my fav. Some awesome moves to be made with that thing. It's fast, effective and one of the coolest looking vehicles I think I have EVER seen in a video game. Oh and the sound of the retractable blades is so sweet...


                  Toughie .... Manta/Goliath are my main vehicles to drive .... give me those + a Lightgun and I'm a happy man.

                  Manta: 1) Crushing 2) Easy to take energy point down 3) fast 4) cool 5) cool 6)cool 7) .... (you get it now?)

                  Goliath: I just love tanks, need I say more????? I got my first two Eagle Eyes today !


                    i h8 scorpions maneuvirability =/

                    oh ... it would be sooo cool if they put bulldog in

                    Fender Bender.... i got that while crashing in a Hellbender when i was in a scorp.. still i dont understand what it is...

                    anyone scored a Daredevil? i did it 4 times

                    EDIT : Im gonna start a pool for us

                    ReEDIT : ummm never mind


                      goliath ==> reason=powerfull ^^



                        why ?


                        Ultra Combo :up:


                          Scorpion, nothings more fun than slicing someone up, or wrapping a manta in the beamthingeys.


                            Start of the match: Scorpion all the way... Fast, the bola is freakin sweet... gotta love launching a large swath across the field... Too bad the thing is fairly fragile.

                            I like the Goliath a lot. I'm pretty decent with it too. Nothing like knocking out base defenses like mad with that.

                            Haven't gotten a lot of time with the 'bender though. Didn't realize the switch postion buttons until today, as I never use the number buttons for switching weapons on foot.

                            The air vehicles are cool, I'm not totally used to the manta yet, I seem to have trouble with pancake timing still. Both are nice, but just very very fragile as well.

                            Can't wait to see the leviathan in action.

                            And I wish they would throw the bulldog into the mix... If they would take the time to balance/fix it (ie. remove the auto targetting, drop the hit points on it, make the rocket turret aimable (ie doesn't shoot straight ahead w/o a target lock), it would be cool. A rocket vehicle would be nice, although I think we'd need another air vehicle for this to really have an impact with (ie, as an anti-air role). Maybe primary fire shoots in the intended direction, and alt-fire attempts a heat seek targetting?

                            Seems a pity to neglect the poor little vehicle.


                              Just a guess: but I believe the Fender Bender is when vehicles collide. Thats what they call it in the real world.