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Bringing community back up...??? open to suggestions

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    Bringing community back up...??? open to suggestions

    made the same post on BU forums....making 1 here also

    so i was thinking of having some ut2004 day...or what people call it a "free weekend" type of thing. Well, it wont be "free", youll have to buy the game, or find your old copy lying around - but it's basicly the same idea as a free weekend.

    im gonna try to explain this as best as i can with my horrible english.

    at some certain day (thinking of before christmas), i was thinking of having that "free" day or weekend, where everyone logs on and plays at certain servers (you know how it goes).

    so i was thinking of maybe having to set up (or borrow) some servers, make a website for the event, and advertise online anywhere i can, and at a certain day + time, people can show up and play some games, and hopefully we can get some (or alot) of the oldschoolers back.

    suggestions? comments?

    i cant do this alone, but i can try advertise lots of css/wow servers.

    if it goes successfull, from then on, it could be every week at a certain day...or everyday, and so on.

    this wil be in north america...although some people from europe can do the same thing

    a good place to start would be for you to post your idea on the forums for the most populated servers(ONS):

    NA: Death Warrant Spam Vikings or UMG
    Euro: TechCom ONS 32 or Titan Onslaught

    I would be down for an ONS day and have a few new ONS maps up my sleeve