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Help please - does this exist?

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    A user called Sijik, on another forum, recommeded Map Mixer, at:

    and it's great, exactly what I wanted. Anyone else looking for a good map utility should try this, and thanks to Sijik for the recommendation.

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  • started a topic Help please - does this exist?

    Help please - does this exist?

    Is there a way to list only certain maps in the map select screen of UT2004, or can you list the maps via a given criteria using a mutator like the original Unreal Tournaments freeware map manager X-Maps?

    I want to be able to list only certain maps, according to selectable criteria, for example, only maps for less than four players, only maps for more than eight, only maps by (sa) a certain author, only maps in a definable list I've chosen, etc.

    X-Maps allows you to create lists according to any critera you choose, so you can choose number of players, or what the maps are based on (historical, futuristic, based on maps from other games, whatever you choose) and so on, but it's only for UT2004

    I've searched with no success, but it seems unlikely that something this useful hasn't been written for UT2004.

    Also, can UT2004 load UT2003 maps and utilities?

    Thanks for any answers.