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to the knowledgeable buyers.. help me upgrade my vid card

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    to the knowledgeable buyers.. help me upgrade my vid card

    Right now i have a 1.5ghz pentium 4 w/ nvidia geforce 4 ti (64mb, 4200 model). I have 512 mbs ram. I'm getting awesome fps on maps like rankin (60-70 w/ dips to 40), but garbage fps on maps liek convoy (30-50 w/ dips to 15). There are probably going to be alot of lvls like convoy when the game comes out, and i don't want to suffer.

    I'm sure some of you are "on top of things" when it comes to buying great deals. Can you guys help point me to a place where i can buy a great video card w/ great improvement for a very fair price? I'm looking to spend up to 150 bucks, maybe 200 bucks MAX if need be. But i want the best for my money.

    I also want you to take into consideration my 1.5ghz and 512ram... and don't "overbuy" to the point where my computer becomes a major bottleneck for my vid card.

    any links? Or advice on which card to grab? i'm a nvidia fanboy... but if you know an ATI card that rips apart nvidia cards at the same price... i'll consider it.


    Check out this chart:

    Tom's VGA Chart

    You probably want an nVIDIA Geforce FX 5800 or greater card. Now just search the web for deals. Price Grabber, New Egg, Pricewatch, and Amazon are the places I usually look first.

    However, sometimes you can get a deal in stores too. I got my ATI 9600 PRO at Comp USA for $100 when the 9600 XT's came out.

    Just keep your eyes peeled and have a little patients and you'll find a good deal. I don't have much patients so I often miss out on good deals.


      Too bad your CPU is quite poor... I think you might get quite a boost by upgrading it... I suggest you pick up good card, either cheaper 9700/9800 series ATI card or 5900 series NVIDIA. But you'd see quite an improvement from processor too (or overclock). Andthing less might not seem like worthy upgrade.



        I would hate to say it, but a video card upgrade alone will do NOTHING AT ALL with a pittiful p4-1.5ghz. A p4 1.5 is slower then P3-1+ghz cpus. They are AWFUL performance and low bus speed. A gf4 ti4200 is still a good card for ut3k4/2k4. Only reason you need a better video card for this game is if you want to run the highest res textures that will be in the full version of the game and/or turn on graphic enhancing features like anti-aliasing and anastrophic filtering.
        Unless you change your motherboard and cpu to something more current dont bother. A p4 1.5 at 400 bus will never be able to pump data fast enough to a current generation video card for it to run faster then your old card.


          You got 2 options.

          Buy Now

          Radeon 9X00 pro there very cheap now

          By Later

          Wait for the new nvidia, ati graphic cards this spring!

          EDIT: Oh a new CPU, Board, Mem, GFX Card then your nice!!!


            go ATI, most new ATI cards will rip to shreds what an NVidia card can do. (In DX9 games)

            If UT2k4 is the only game your ever going to play, go with an NVidia card, like the 5800 or higher.

            if you play other games as well, an ATI 9600 to 9800 will be an EXCELLENT choice. Stay AWAY from the 9800 se though. the np (if you can find one) is a great card though...

            also, your CPU will be a bottleneck for any next gen card.


              yeah you need at least a 2 giger

              My vote is wait and pick up a 9800 pro for $200 when the next gen cards comes out(thats what im going to do.)
              I belive they are allready around $220

              Dont buy the 5800,get the 5700 ultra or the 5900/5950 if your going nvidia
              the 5600/5800 was the fist of the fx line and was ****,esp considering their specs

              But as for your fps now,its about what everybody is getting
              Im sure they will optomize before going gold


                avoid the petty "ati vs nvidia" and merely go with the nicest card in your price range.

                OR hold out and live with lesser FPS until you invest in a slick card.