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Tone of the boards at UT2003 demo?

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    Originally posted by FOZZI

    Seeing so many positive threads on this board is nice

    I couldnt agree more. I love almost everything about 2k3. But the changes that were made are gonna level the playing field alot, not to mention make this game extremely popular. As far as Im concerned, the sacrifice is well worth it. Il take the trade any day. Gonna take a little time gettin use to everything, feel of weapons, weapon switching, boost dodge.

    Im really looking forward to this game. Brought back that ut99 gameplay, but incorporated everything that made 2k3 great. This game really made me realize how much I actually missed ut99. The intensity level down the stretch in matches is much more intense. I almost felt like I warped back in time playin some dm. As much as I hate to say it, I think I now realize why people didnt take 2k3 in. It just never gave me that adrenaline rush that 99 did in the real close games. I myself completely forgot the feeling untill the day of the demo. But either way, I havnt played an Unreal Tournament I havnt liked, and this one by far tops the list. Great to see so many people playing and giving possitive feedback. And seriously, Epic deserves a big thank you. No one does the things for their fans like they do. :up: They listened to everone that complained about 2k3, and they kept the majority of the 2k3 crowd happy. Look at Valve, you think they give a **** about what theyre fans think:down:I think people could easily take that for granted. Excellent work guys, thanks a lot.


      I remember the ut2k3 demo.

      they didn't have the feedback forum then, so it was already to the point where a thread would drop off the front page in 10 minutes, then the search facility was broken, so people just posted, and posted, and posted.

      Most of them were moaning though, unless I'm mistaken*

      * I have been before.


        too much change in 2k3 for us uters
        but now its ok
        Ive allready played 2k4 more than 2k3 and ive had 2k3 since its release
        the better weapons and nerfed supermoves helped alot:up:


          I think it must be the music that plays in the background on startup, it has a soothing effect on ut99 players. :haha:


            Re: Re: Tone of the boards at UT2003 demo?

            Originally posted by Arclite
            70% negative.
            Or even worse than 70%....

            UT2004 has serious potential and I think its the one we have been waiting for and Epic has a real chance at tapping into a huge population of gamers that played halo or just didn't like UT2003 while grabbing old UT players attention once again.

            I'm just ****** I spent $50 on UT2003.


              Originally posted by dangerdoggie
              I think it must be the music that plays in the background on startup, it has a soothing effect on ut99 players. :haha:
              :lol: I think theres actually something to that. When I first ran UT2004, It was such a nice suprise to hear those reminiscent tones pipe in.
              Which is odd because in UT99 I have the menu music turned off cause it annoys me. :haha: