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    I had this 1on1... and... it just... r0xx0red. Alot.


      We had just re-linked to the Red Power Core... their Core had about 30 health left, but it looked like our link wouldn't last long. So I get back in the Hellbender that I'd used to take over the last Node, and go careening off toward the Red Core, solo.

      There were two or three destroyed vehicles blocking the "front" entrance, so I swerved went around to the side entrance. I drove in, powerslid into a left turn, gunned the engine, turned right and powerslid right into two enemies who were trying helplessly to destroy my Hellbender with the AR. The side of the truck just slammed into them and their gibs went flying.

      That last powerslide put me right in front of the Power Core. I switched to the side chain-combo turret, spammed a cloud of shock cores at their Power Core, and set them off. I managed to do this a couple times, bringing their Core down to about 10, before Red team got their act together and flak-blasted me. Just as my Hellbender turned into charred wreckage, a Redeemer sped into the base, seemingly out of nowhere. Right into the Core.

      "Blue Team has Won the Match!"


        One time when I came in for the final assault on the enemy core, I was driving a scorpion. Went in the "front" entrance and pulled a handbrake turn to the right and drove up the ramp. As I was being attacked by some players on foot, I continued up onto the bank and arched a left onto the bridge just above their core.
        Even though I died right there in my scorpion, I thought the entrance was rather cool.

        Speaking of that bank, I was rather pleased with myself when I figure out how to dodge up it to the upper level for those pesky guys that run up and around the back of the power core.




            I just came out of an Onslaught bot-match where for the first time I managed to Head-Shot one of the enemy-bots who was driving a Manta.

            Not an online game, but pretty sweet nonetheless.


              Another amazing Demo moment, from a friend of mine:

              My friend Shawn, who rarely every played UT, generally dislikes FPS games, and plays RTS games like Empire Earth most of the time, asks is he can play the demo. He says it looks like fun. Anyhow he starts having a blast playing against the bots in Onslaught.

              As you guys know, I've played Unreal games for 5 years. In my very first game of ONS I lost the match. Well he wins his first game!

              In fact, we have been taking turns the last couple days, I play a game, he plays the next. He has roughly the same win/loss ratio as I do, and these bots are set on Average!

              Well last night he went on a killing spree in one match, that freaked us both out! He'd never heard the kill announcements before that are beyond Monster Kill.

              I still haven't been able to get past Monster Kill. :cry:


                Mine would have to be when I bailed out of a Raptor in midair to avoid being shot down only to have the Raptor I bailed out of PANCAKE somebody for me.

                I hit the ground running and heard the announcer scream that. I turn around only to find a bloody mess under the Raptor.



                  1. Grabbing a already damaged Raptor, and using it to take down two enemy Raptors, 2 vs 1. Might have been some assistance from the ground, not sure. But it sure felt nice to get two "Top Gun!" in a row ^^

                  2. Shooting a flak grenade at a damaged Manta speeding towards you, causing it to explode a few seconds before it would hit you. I just love how them flimsy vechiles fly into the air when they blow up ^^

                  3. Sitting in the main base turret (the one near the Hellraider) and watching a organized squad of two Mantas, a Scorpion and a Goliath advance. We lost big time, but it sure looked neat!

                  Ahh... Onslaught is too much fun ^_^


                    While we're on the subject of close-call assault matches

                    If you look at the icon over the switch you can see that it has no more to go, and also by looking at the missiles you can tell that they are practically on the trailer and ready to go.

                    That was one of the better assault matches I had, the teams were so even and the fighting was so intense it had me on the edge of my seat for the entire time.


                      Originally posted by Reno the Turk
                      2. Shooting a flak grenade at a damaged Manta speeding towards you, causing it to explode a few seconds before it would hit you. I just love how them flimsy vechiles fly into the air when they blow up ^^
                      Did that one this weekend. Manta was maybe a foot in front of me when I hit it with the flack...just bounced over me and turned into a ball of fire. It was pretty sweet.

                      Also baited a scorpion into charging with it's blades out so I could dodge-duck and then turn around and toss some happy fun balls all over it as he powerslid to come back at me. Needless to say he didn't quite come about.

                      This game's sweet!