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    Voicechat suggestions

    There are some problems with the voicechat that need to be adressed. Right now it looks like me and my clan will be using teamspeak for your team communications. There are some problems that need to be fixed:

    A higher codec would be nice. I have my internet set to high quality but it's nowhere close to the quality in teamspeak.

    Voiceactivation is absolutely essential. I was told this would be in, why wasn't it included?

    What's with this turning the volume down when I try to talk? I can see some reasons to have this for instance if you still have sound comming out of the speakers, then it doesn't feedback thro the mic. For me that's usless. I use headphones when I play and am using voicechat. This should be a selectable option.

    There should be more options about your soundcard like in teamspeak. There should be at least 2 dropdown boxes so I can pick the soundcard I want to use for the game and for the microphone etc. Maybe even another one so I can send what people are saying and the game sound to different soundcards.

    When me and my clan got on our private server to play we didn't bother with the ingame voicechat. We just jumped on our TS server.

    also the overall sound is messed up. Everything is sooo quiet I have to turn the volume on my computer waaay up to really hear anything.