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    I like it

    Just browsed a bit and saw a lot of post that had stuff that suggested about the demo not being completely 100% perfect. Well, what game is. But anyway, here's my positive thread:

    Well, lemmi have a go on this as well.

    First .... gunsounds .... nice improvements on:

    - Minigun - sounds like one for a change
    - Flak Cannon - now THIS is what it should sound like, now it's a SF-Shotgun, since this is the shotgun sound I wanna hear
    - Shockrilfe - Dunno what the IG rifle will sound like, but this is a nice improvement
    - Linkgun - Also nicely improved
    - Lightgun - A LOT better

    Further sounds - Xloc, I like the new improved sound when you teleport.

    I also liked the music bits, intro stuff is from UT'99 .... not that it's that important (for me) anyway, since I always put it on 5% output.

    Maps - All of them done well, haven't seen a single bad one. CTF-map looks like Bridge of Khazad-dum to me though hehe. Anyway, I can't say anything bad about any map. Of course I take in mind, that CTF and BR for me will be played with he Instagib mutator, so I'm not to well known with weapon placements for those gametypes. I like the DM map.

    New gametypes:

    ONS: Amazing, it's gonna be hard, but it's amazing. As soon as teamplay comes is, it's going to rock.

    AS: I like it too, but I never played the old Assault before as well. So I have to look at what to do, and when you win or loose. Snipegun is good yes, I hope it's gonna appear on other gametypes too though. But I liked it.

    New Weapons:

    My favorite one is the grenade launcher actually, but I've yet to give it more time. I like the fact that unlike quake 3 it don't explode after some time, and unlike U2 XMP it don't explode on impact, but you can use secondary fire to let it explode.

    I've yet to get to know them mostly, but so far I think they add a lot of playability to the gametypes they're designed for.


    A nice addition indeed. I am in favor of the Tank myself, although the rest is fine as well. I like the Turrets too. Some Zoom-options on vehicles are nicely done. But they succeeded into having the best vehicle control I've seen in games so far, including BF:9142, U2 XMP and Halo. They kinda mixed it a bit, and made the best of all worlds I suppose.

    Graphics - :up: :up: :up: :up: Everything, from textures, vehicles, guns, effects in battle .... I haven't got a bad thing to say about it. Of course there are always people that are never satisfied and always want stuff to look better. But it also PLAYS better like this, I heard a lot of people who says the engie improved and it actually plays better on their systems than UT2k3. They didn't even included the highly detailed stuff, and already a LOT of things looked better.

    I also like the movement changes, it's a bit more like UT'99, the entire game actually. I dunno how many will dislike it, maybe now the UT'99 players will like it, and the die-hard UT2k3 players won't??? It's a bit in between both games actually, and I liked both. I didn't care actually, I'd play it anyway, so it's fine with me. If I HAD to choose, I'd pick UT'99 movement, so therefor UT2k4 for me will me much more entertaining than UT2k3 (already was).

    About how to detect enemies .... that will take some time, but it's fine with me. Those shoulder lights were nice, but to me it plays better like this, dunno why, just preference. But just another thing of which I say 'I don't mind it if it was the other way, I'd play it anyway' .... just the way it is now, I prefer, just like the movment system, I prefer the new one.

    Last point, it will NEVER be a pleasure for everyone, UT'99 wasn't, UT2k3 wasn't and UT2k4 won't be, there will ALWAYS be people who don't like it. That's not with this game only, but with every game. To me, a lot of stuff I've seen in this demo are perfect for me. I hope it stays this way.

    I probably forgot a lot of things I liked, but I was VERY positive after played it. And I haven't yet even checked all features, but I don't know if everything (like real voice comm support) is in the demo. That point too is something people should take in mind, they can't and WON'T put everything into the demo.

    I've completely forgot about a lot of upcoming (and current) PC games, since this will be THE game of 2004 for me.

    From what I've been reading, looks like they have created a masterpiece. I'm glad they got rid of the fast weapon switching. Also glad the Snipe Rifle is back. It just seems like they done it all right this time around. Heck, even Mark redeemed himself by saying "Within 2 Weeks" and being spot on. I'm impressed without even playing it yet. :up:

    When I get home from work, I'll finish downloading it, and play play play!! I'll give some feedback of course. :up:


      Yeah, fast weapon switching, one of those things I forgot!

      I must add, this again is one of those 'I'd play it the other way too'-facts, but if I had a choice . But that was indeed another nice thing.

      Of course playing it more will give me an even better idea, and there are always things that aren't important to me, that others will like/not like. But I was very happy with the outcome.

      Another thing I forgot, the Skins, they're cool! Too bad I've yet to wait another month or more for my final skin! I've spotted the perfect skin for me already!