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    DodgeProMod - TehBigPack

    Hello All UT2004 people!

    I'm just posting here as an advertisement for DodgeProMod.

    What is DodgeProMod

    Dodge Professional Modification (DPM) is a modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. DPM is a off-line single player competition mod that requires players to use trick jumps to complete maps specially designed for tricking. Players are able to upload successful demos to our site. These demos will then be sorted and ranked into the fastest times. we have the top 10 fastest times for each DPM map, points for each people in it, and an overall ranking for the players. you can redo your demo as many times as you like trying to beat your own and other players records. The Mod date's back a long time, long before i was even playing ut, the original been founded by Masta, and the latest by lagmastersam.

    Who is DPM for?

    Anyone and everyone who likes to do tricks, it can get frustrating for some, and can annoy quite a lot of people :P it's challenging and competitive and it will make you a better UT player, doesn't improve aim, but it will improve your movement which is what most people lack, but above all its fun i love the feeling i get when i watch a demo back and think.. "how the hell did i do that!"

    Why am i posting now..

    For Christmas this year we at DPM decided to make a mega pack for DPM and trick jumping in general. we have created a pack that contains everything related to DPM (official and ALL custom maps and mappacks until 24.12.2008.) and trick jumping we could find, and we even added in all versions of master trials and a few official ut files. so for a full list of custom gametypes.. because there is more then one see below.



    offline single player gametypes, use all forms of weapons to get complete the map, these include shield/shock/flak/rocket/assault/redeemer jumps, every form of trick jumping possible we have maps for, we even have 3/4 ut2003 boost dodge style maps, ut records all demo's for you, deletes one's that don't beat your current record, if you die you respawn, timer reset and off you go again, demo's are uploaded by you to the website and we do the sorting

    DodgeProMod - Team Game

    This mod never got fully off the ground, but its a working gametype with a few maps, same as DPM offline game, but this one is online, work with your team to try and beat the other to get the fastest time.

    DodgeProMod - Capture The Flag

    This Mod spawns you next to a flag in ctf maps, you have to score a flag run in the fastest possible time you can. as with DPM demo's are recorded for you, and you upload them if you wish to beat records and get your name in the rankings

    MasterTrials - versions 1,2,3

    Trials is a gametype.. kind of lol, it should be its own gametype shall we say :P trials run's off the assault gametype, in the map the player has to try and reach the objectives which involve trick jumping, mazes, puzzles and many other things, mastertrials is a mod made by brot, its "hard to solve trial maps" works very similar to DPMTG but the idea of this mod was to make it as hard as possible. there arnt many working links for MT, so we added it all here so it wasnt lost forever

    Other Bits

    The Pack was made to have all DPM files together, we included both, The latest UT Patch(3369) and The UT2004-Megapack, that way when we burn it to dvd if we ever reinstall, all we need is the game disc and this the pack also includes a few DM maps made along time ago (before DPM i think) for trick jumping, also In addition the RK Demowatcher


    The pack weighs in at 720.14 MB and contains everything around DPM with lots of special things inside. Use this file for your installation as there are no other files or installations needed.

    Website -
    Download - is in download section


    Extra info..

    Want a look at what DPM is? check out these videos on youtube as an idea

    DPM Videos.. <<Recommended - Long intro but worth it.. Part 2 of same vid here

    DPM Player Videos..

    Combo Jump Tutorial i made..

    Looks very cool. I'm downloading now :^)


      Uhh, that's just trials, isn't it?


        cool feel free to join the forums there, very small community but everyone's nice and will help you with any problems regarding ut and trick jumping

        edit -

        its similar and isnt to trials emerald.. the maps are much smaller, and the idea is to do them as fast as possible, demos from all players are uploaded to dpm site. but main difference is that its with all weapons.. not just shield or weaponless, there are no puzzles or things like that, simple get from a to b in fastest time possible. thats the main DPM mod.. ctf is flag to flag.. so if you play ctf its dam good training :P but in a way it is similar to trials yes

        i guess the main difference between a trials map and dpm map, a trials map will normally get you to repeat the same jump over n over and sometimes its more a case of stamina.. a DPM tend's to try and get you to perform a hard trick you havent done before, most maps will push the limit of the different weapon jumping, assault grenade + shock alt fire to climb a high vertical wall etc. iv made a few easier maps to try and help people get into DPM as imo its harder then trials


          I'm not used to this, and these maps are maddening :^D

          Good fun though, and if I get them figured out, they'll definitely improve my movement :^)


            idd lol for a few very easy maps, check out the DPM-NMMini-MapName maps, there all made with new Trick jumper's in mind work your way up a map at a time there are some easier maps, and some very hard maps, just takes practice hf


              I love DPM. Play it all the time.


                sorry for revival anybody got latest version of it??