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Some issues with the 2004 demo

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    Some issues with the 2004 demo

    Ok after isntalling the demo and played for a little will i come across some problems (they are minor problems and maybe someone nows how to fix them)

    First- the wepons and footseps and enviorment sounds are really low i can barely ear them, but if i turn the volume up (in my speakers, cause in the game option the sound efects volume is all up) and the announcers say something it comes really loud.
    resuming the wepons, enviorment and footsteps sounds are really low will the rest is ok.

    second- my crosshair is really small cant i make it bigger??


    ur right with the sound i noticed that also
    well and the crosshair u can choose them in the settings ...


      I agree with the weapon sounds being too quiet. Some times I wasn't sure if I actually got the ammo or not. The other thing is when a core... i mean the enemies core(of course not mine)....explodes, it's so loud I thought my speakers would blow out. That needs to be turned down a little. Big BOOM is good but just a little too much for me (3am gamer).


        First, I am loving the demo - thanks guys! I still have much to learn what everything is and what it's used for... Anyway.

        A bunch of my settings will not save, like announcer's voice, etc. My main settings save so that's good.

        I also have issues with the sound being too low for effects but it's ok for everything else.

        Great job on the demo!