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Here is Final Map Listing for UT2004!..Which 1 are you looking forward to!.

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    yeah...3 BR maps! Should be more really.


      I don't even play BR, and even i think thats a very poor number of BR maps, even 5 new maps would have been decent, but 3 is suprisingly low, and two of them already being CTF maps, thats quite a shame for the BR players.

      I think the first bonus pack for 2k4 should focus mainly on BR and DDOM, i don't play DDOM either, but the people who do play these gametypes don't have enough maps at all. I think maybe, 3 br maps, 3 ddom maps, and 2 ctf maps in the first BP, there are enough maps for dm already.

      Then in a second BP they could focus on DM, AS, and ONS, sounds like a plan to me :up: