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My UT2004 Frames Per Second suck!!

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    Originally posted by TyeFang
    Oh cool, because you are the first person to have that kind of system and have it work that I have seen

    there was one person who was running directx9.0a that didn't have the if theres any chance you are running those, DON'T UPGRADE!

    What drivers are you using for your ATI card? also, are you SP1 for XP Pro?

    Thanks man :up:

    - Tye
    it's probably just my rockin Barton core

    I'm using SP1 for XP Pro and hell, it's been a while since I upgraded my drivers - I'm pretty sure they're not even 3.9's, so I'm guessing 3.7 or 3.8. Pretty sad I don't even know which one, huh?

    I've NEVER had any grafix problems though so I haven't had to pay alot of attention.