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UK UT2004 Demo release scheduled for 8pm

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    Originally posted by mrpartyhat
    *Hat has decided to turn into a total imbecile*
    *Beef fails to notice any change*


      I am tempted to run into uni tonight when no one else will be on the network and download the demo in seconds, throw it on a CDr then run home screaming..... or sit here in the warm and wait on my 1mb cable.

      The good thing is this week is the first week of the second semester at my uni so we only have half the classes we would normally have and the classes we do have are all short as they are intro lectures anyway. Which means more time for playing the demo!

      And yes, it is lagging :\


        Originally posted by Kr4zed
        The PC's here in the lab are out of the game (they wouldn't run the game at all and of course, playing on them is forbidden).

        Maybe I'd have a chance if I went to some gaming club, but I'd rather spend money on more important things, and the game will wait (I know I can).
        Maybe you could twist someone's arm into burnin a cd for ya, then posting it




            Epic knows that soon after they tell the webadmins about when they can upload the demo, everyone will know about it.

            I just hope some decent mirrors becomes available fast.



              Originally posted by REMF
              can't wait!


                Originally posted by Thinice_SA
                Well I really hope this source is good,
                cannot wait for the demo any more...

                Whole of NL is like freaking out here



                  I understand how well meaning this thread is, but EPIC and ATARI didn't want specific information out for a reason, and it wasn't to make people suffer.

                  You're all just shooting yourselves in the foot. They need to distribute the demo to the various mirrors first. If enough people know when and where the demo file becomes available, there will be enough selfish little gits who need to have it an hour or so sooner, that they'll bottleneck the whole **** thing and make it annoying for everyone.

                  People don't get annoyed for distributing information that is supposed to be public domain, they get annoyed because people distribute information that is supposed to be confidential.

                  If companies can't trust the people that say they won't talk, then they will stop offering the information at all. It has a negative affect on the communtity in the long run, not a positive one.

                  Again, I'm not saying you did anything wrong per se, but the specifics were not to be circulated, whether you knew so or not.

                  I'm selfish enough to want things to go smoothly so that I can get the demo when it's released, and not be hampered by all the little twinks with their inside information.

                  I'm sure I had a point in there somewhere.


                    I'm sitting on a 100mbit right now. I'll probably stay in the office till late at night, since I'm just itchy to put some ut2004 servers online (no doubt there will be a need for them once the demo comes out).


                      Unlikely you'll have it in 40 minutes. altho my connection could grab it in 27 minutes it'll take more likely 1 to 2 hours as every mirror will be hit for a download to its max compacity unless you can find a mirror with 10% load on its bandwidth

                      Unfortunatly i have a ut war @ 8pm. followed by an XMP war @ 9pm (GMT) so i wont be getting it till later tonight! (thats if i can get a download slot)

                      Hardw1re -


                        Originally posted by [GOD]Odds
                        I'm working. I'll have to come in at 2am, after drugging my parents cocoa, then play all the way through the night at full volume till someone calls the police.
                        Mhuhahhhaha I'll be waiting for yea hon


                          wow teh lag in da posting! should i pm Cliffy B on ETG and ask him for a 1v1 @ ut2k3?