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demo anticipation not as big as UT2003's ?

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    demo anticipation not as big as UT2003's ?

    I remember fondly how all Unreal Tournament players got really hyped up the weeks before the Unreal Tournament 2003 demo (myself included)

    I remember constantly refreshing the cliffycam here at work, I remember constantly checking the forum for any new

    I remember browsing the 'give us the demo' thread every single day just to see what people came up with

    I remember staying up 'till around 1am (wife already in bed) waiting for the download (from a paid subscriber site in belgium to finish)

    I remember liking it instantly, although it was pretty different from Unreal Tournament.

    I also remember my brother-in-law simply hating it. He was a BIG Unreal Tournament fan, never played anything else. But he just didn't like all. I tried to convince him otherwise, even bought him a copy for his birthday...but all to no avail. His UT2K3 copy has been gathering dust ever since.

    I see now that my copy of UT2K3 has also been gathering dust. I've been playing it a little the last few weeks due to some pretty decent mods and some nice maps. But I merely check them out.

    Been playing a LOT of Desert Combat (a battlefield1942 mod) lately simply because it feels and plays great.

    I hope I'll remember the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo to turn the tide. I hope I'll remember the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo getting back a whole bunch of UT people that never got into UT2K3

    I hope I'll remember Unreal Tournament 2004 to become a main competitor to the online group/team/vehicle based shooters like Battlefield1942

    And finally...I hope this community gets back to what is once was before (people who understand will understand )

    i think because they delayed it forever... so many more people built up anticipation


      idd, the 2k3 demo blew me away, and im in great anticipation for the 2k4 demo, not least for the Onslaught game type more than anything. Just hope that people give it a chance, and not slag it off within 30 seconds of loading a map, uninstalling it and p!ssing off to play CS...


        I started with 2k3 so this is my first 'next in line demo' ... i for one am mad excited. not going to sleep tonight so I don't sleep thru the initial release


          I'll be honest, the hype that I felt for UT2k3 was second only to the hype I felt for UT. And UT2k4 falls short of the hype I felt for UT2k3. But no other game has excited me as those three.

          So for me the anticipation isn't quite as much as UT2k3, but it's still very intense.

          Most anticipated games ever:
          1) UT
          2) UT2k3
          3) UT2k4

          UT2k3 was a letdown. But I don't think UT2k4 will be.


            I think that the anticipation is there, it's just a bit more
            reserved this time around. And I believe that UT2004
            will get back alot of hardcore UTer's, including myself. If
            one likes overpowering weaponry, then I don't see how
            anyone can not like UT2004.


              while 04's hype is pretty high to the dedictated ut community it still won't even remotely compare to doom3 hype to come


                yeah, but I *VERY* much doubt there will be a Doom3 demo


                  "I remember. I remember when you used to dance. I remember you were quite good."


                    I'm not so sure hype is a good thing for the FPS market, ESPECIALLY the online FPS market when talking about sequels.

                    If this were a new title they'd want hype to get interest, but the biggest problem that UT2k4 isnt lack of expectations... it's the competing expectations and glorified expections.

                    Thus, instead of a hype machine which can only HURT by not fitting expectations... let the demo speak for itself.

                    Let the hype be based on the raw fun of gamers which is what drove us to play the games we play in the first place... not pre-ordained hype.

                    For the online FPS market it doesnt take much at all for the word to spread fast that a hot new demo is out and to try it. When it's a title like Unreal... the surprise factor by word of mouth will be endlessly more powerful than having a billion people waiting at their computers with expectations so high that NO game can meet them.


                      U are kidding right?...I CAN'T ****ING WAIT 4 DEMO TO COME OUT...This will be the best ****ing game ever...except STALKER ofcourse... :up: :up: :up:


                        I played Unreal SP in spring 1999. On a laptop, software rendering, maybe 10 fps. Played botmatches during the summer of 1999. I bought a desktop PC with a TNT2u, JUST so I could play UT when it was going to be released. (I've been into computers since I went to university in 1982, but never bought a PC of equipment myself until then). I bought UT the day it was released. Started playing online in january 2000. I was addicted.

                        I was pretty excited about UT2003. Not only because of the expected improvements of the game. Also because it would give new life to my clan. Because it might bring back the excitement of 2000.

                        I downloaded the UT2003. Citadel is just terrible, terrible, terrible. Maybe if you used to be a UT-Face-*****, maybe it was acceptable. But for everyone else, Citadel was just a boring map with bad gameplay. I thought about it for 3 days. Posted a long explanation on the feedback forum. No reponse from Epic. And within 3 days, the full game was released. They did nothing with the feedback. I bought new hardware, just for UT2003. I bought the full game. Played it for a while, but never really liked it. Maybe if you are a DM player, it is fun. But CTF was seriously destroyed, for several reasons.

                        I've got a 2 Mbps ADSL connection now. If I had not, I would probably not even bother to download the UT2004 demo. I know loads of old UT players who think likewise.

                        The only reason I still check out this forum once in a while is because my old old old UT love still makes me wonder in my heart if Epic would have fixed their game. But my head tells me it won't happen. Sorry.

                        I hope you guys will all love the new game !




                            And just in case I wasn't clear before, I think 2k4 will be a LOT better than 2k3. So don't get me wrong here. But I was burned alot by how UT2k3 came out. So the hype was high for something that ended up falling way short of the mark.

                            With UT2k4 there is less anticipation for me, but I recognize it'll be tons better than UT2k3, so I feel the excitement is more dead on.

                            Will UT2k4 be better than UT for me? I'm not sure any game that will ever come out, will ever do quite as well as UT for me. But that's because Epic/DE did a wonderful job with that game. To me, that's their first masterpeice, and it has a certain place in this gamer's heart.

                            I do think, however, that UT2k4 is their next masterpeice. Mark my words.


                              I've had a few of these big anticipations. I dunno, but I didn't like the fact they let me wait for so long, and sometimes longer etc .... so I try not to let it get to me this time. Not referring to Epic, but just games or demos in general. Not that I don't look forward to it, just I won't let it get to such a high level. Of course I'm following the news .... so it's a bit of both, since today I really get that feeling again .... desperately need the dem .... no .... need to control myself .... you can do it Bob .... argghhhh .... it's hard to be me sometimes .